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Friday, June 23, 2006

Pictures of Christmas!!!

Well, today I brought my camera to download all the pictures. Apparently it has been a long time cause there were still pictures from Christmas on it! I don't know why I am surprised, I still have rolls of film from last summer.

This is my oldest son playing with his cush pillow.

This is Nate modeling his dragon hat and Spiderman backpack which didn't come off for days!

There were pictures of some of the winter swim meets. the last pictures were of when My BF and I went to try on dresses for her wedding. Nothing like slightly grainy photos of yourself wearing formal wear with your hair looking like crap! The dresses are pretty though.

This weekend I will be going to a swim meet. It is age group only, so Ben only has to compete against the other eight year olds. He has a pretty good shot at a trophy and he is all excited. It is a two hour drive to the meet though and with an 8:00 start it will make for a very early morning, uck! I am not sure whether I am happy it is not supposed to be hot or not. I will be comfortable, but I will probably have to listen to much whining after Ben gets out of the water. Nate got to stay with his Aunt and two cousins, so he is having a blast.


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