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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Bed

Nate got his new bed last night. It is about four feet off the ground, loft style. I think my Dad must be getting better at making these. There is actually room around the mattress!! (A little to much in the length, but hey better than having to jam the mattress down because there is so little room) I think Nate liked it, but he didn't sleep very well. Maybe after all this time in a toddler bed and then with a mattress just on the floor the height is scary, so he ended up in our bed. On the plus, he nagivated the ladder in the middle of the night with no problems.

I got another inch or so finished on Milinda. The pattern is starting to show. The movie Bride and Prejudice was on, so I had difficulty focusing on my knitting. I had watched part of it once before, but managed to catch it from the beginning. I think it will shortly be joining my movie collection. Shane rarely rewatches any movie, but I am constantly rewatching movies I like. Bride and Prejudice fits my light hearted movie mood. The bright colors and happy songs are fabulous. Nate was dancing to the music.


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