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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Last night I was sitting at swim practice with Nate and realized yet again just how much I expect from my kids. When did it become the norm for parents to expect their kids to misbehave? As I sat listening to the parents chatting last night, I realized that I have completely different levels of expectations for my kids (or any kids I may be put in charge of such as neices and nephews). I expect to be listened to and for the kids to mind what I say. If I say to do something I expect it to be done, maybe not in an instance but within a reasonable time (if an activity) if for behavior I shouldn't say it more than once. People are always remarking on how well behaved my kids are, but that is how they are expected to act. As a former teacher, I always believed that kids will act how they are expected to act. If you expect a kid to be a clown, they will.

This came in to play at work as well. Some of the previous secretaries didn't do some things that they should. Like change the toilet paper roll when empty. In a small office without a custodial staff is it really necessary to not change the roll when empty. How much time did it really take to change it? I am sure I changed it over 50% of the time. The rest it was changed by the only remaining secretary here now. That is just one of many similar things. It makes me wonder if I kept my job more because of these little things and less because I was "better" at the technical parts of my job. And I just have to say thanks to my parents for raising me to do what is right rather than letting someone else take care of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you loud & clear--I am SO tired of so many parents today raising children with no accountability for anything. It makes me worry for MY kids in that they're probably going to be seen as freaks. Oh well, they'll just have to be freaks, I guess.

7:30 AM  

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