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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A little more Christmas shopping

Girls' night was great last night. By the time Christina got to my house, the boys were off to swim team so we got to eat in peace at home. Then we decided to go and do some shopping. Ben has asked for an IPOD which I told him wasn't likely to happen (not entirely true since my sister got him an IPOD Shuffle, but it isn't like I could tell him that). So I was looking into video players. I had priced and researched online, but I always like to see things in person. What a waste of time. The stores we went to had nothing (I didn't do a real in depth search in person). Thankfully, when I saw him after practice he had come up with another thing he would like to have. A new bike. Grandma is researching that.

We ended our evening at Toys'R'Us. I still had to buy for one neice and the boys. I had pretty good luck finding what I needed. Unfortunately, I still have 5 gifts left to buy for not counting the big ones left for the boys (a bike and a huge lego set for Nate). I will be exceptionally glad when the season is over this year. Which for us won't be until January 17th. I will have celebrated sven times by the last one. This is the one part of having large families and a close knit (ha) office staff that I really don't like.

Tonight I hope to wrap more gifts as I have barely started doing that. I also need to finish a couple more wash clothes as I was two short for the gifts I want to give. I haven't made a bit of progress on the MIL's scarf and I am starting to worry that it won't be done in time.

No pictures yet. I didn't think to take the camera with me last night so I could get a new cable. Hopefully I will remember this weekend.


Blogger AR said...

Yay! Fun shopping trip. I am going to go try to finish it all up this morning. Then, I'll be really busy wrapping it all up!

7:20 AM  

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