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Monday, December 18, 2006

Accidents, theft and the flu

The weekend started out simply enough. Friday night, we did nothing. Sat around and rested. It was my brother's 31st birthday, so I had spoken to him on the phone earlier that day. We could have gone to his house, but it is an hour drive and with the swim meet on Saturday I didn't really want to chance it. Saturday morning we got up and got ready to head to the meet. My dad was to meet us at our house so we could go down together. He got there, maybe a little rough around the edges from the late night and booze (apparently they celebrated the birthday into the wee hours of the night) and we headed to the meet. Shane's parents met us at the meet shortly after Ben's first race. Ben did pretty good. His times were faster in three events and slower in two (he is working on technique which at his age will cause big flucuations in times, or so I am told).

Halfway through the meet, Nate vomitted all over the bleachers. And his Grandma. We took him to the bathroom to clean him up. Luckily we had a spare shirt with us but his shoes just had to suffer. We sat out in the lobby away from other people (I didn't want to share anymore germs than necessary, but we weren't going to leave until Ben was finished). Nate managed to make it to the bathroom the other times of illness. He slept on my lap for about and hour and a half. (A sure indication the boy was ill. He never naps, let alone in public on his mom's lap) After his nap, he woke up and was fine. Maybe not perfect but definetely not violently ill. We headed home.

Once we got to our house, Nate started crying because he thought he was going home with Papa. So, Papa took him home (yes he is terribly spoiled by his grandparents). He wasn't sick again but did end up running a fever. So we ended up in the house without the boys. I watch the movie the Three Burials of Melquides Estrada with Tommy Lee Jones in it. What a weird movie. I made it through it but it was an odd, odd movie.

Sunday morning, I got up and made two apple pies, one for the family gathering and one for my brother for his birthday and we headed off to some cousins for a Christmas gathering. Shane stopped for gas and I went to get a drink. We drove on. Halfway to our destination I asked for the receipt for the gas, I thought he paid at the pump. He thought I paid inside. So we stole our gas. I called the gas station to explain, luckily the cops hadn't been called yet.

The gathering was great. I got to see some relatives I haven't seen in a while. Then I got roped into playing Pinocchle. My cousin and her husband left to go home and hit a deer. They totaled their car, but were not hurt, thank goodness. We made it home just fine (same route they were taking).

This morning, I got pictures from the wedding. Tomorrow, I will put in a bunch. But for now, my favorite. Shane, Nate, Aunt and me.
And my favorite of Shane, Nate and me.


Blogger Carole said...

Kids sure do bounce back quick. Love the wedding photos!

3:31 PM  
Blogger AR said...

I thought you got robbed when I read the title. I'm glad the gas station attendant hadn't turned you in!

Love that last pic! You all look so great!

Hope Nate's feeling better. It's going around :(

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Secret Pal said...

LOL! I thought you were going to say that something had been stolen from you!

Wedding photos look great--I'm looking forward to seeing more!

By the way, get ready to start watching your mailbox...

10:41 PM  

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