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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I need a faster camera

I tried to get a picture of Ben in motion at the meet. It is a little blurry. I need a faster camera to get a good picture of him swimming. Most of the time, I get calm water with a hint that someone is swimming. Thankfully, Mom got some great video of him. This is him doing the butterfly.

Here are pictures of the silk scarf I am making from Victorian Lace Today which is one of my all time favorite lace books. I absolutely love the patterns from this book. If I remember I will find out which actual pattern this one is. The first picture is more accurate on the colors, but the second shows the pattern.

I haven't made anymore progress on digging out the WIPs. I can barely bring myself to look at anything other than this scarf. The silk is so soft (although with no elasticity somewhat of a pain to work with). I am almost done with the third repeat of Chart A and then on to the mindless part which will be good with all the shows starting back up next week.

I have been making a mental list of my WIPs. I am interested to see how many I have missed. My aunt is coming to paint next week! My bedroom will be gorgeous when she is finished (minus the ugly second hand furniture and mismatched sheets/blankets). I will finally be able to spread out my rug. The reason I didn't get anything done on the stash, Ben. We had to play a vicious game of battleship, which I barely won. Either I am getting worse or Ben is getting better. I could be in trouble in a couple more years. Then it will be Daddy's turn.

Shane is doing great with his no smoking resolution. His behavior on the other hand is not so stellar. I just keep telling myself it is worth it, but this better be the last time I have to go through his withdrawals. (He quit once before for over two years) I am not sure he will live through another. I on the other hand have sucked at keeping away from the soda. I tell myself each day will be the last, but then morning comes and that is what I crave. I have got to bring something with flavor to drink in the morning at work. Morning is my weakest time. If he can quit smoking, I can surely quit soda. Then I can move on to processed foods. With swim team, we have gotten a bad habit of cooking less and less with whole foods. We need to move back towards whole foods. Maybe some slow cooker/crock pot cooking. Anyone have any good recipes?


Blogger AR said...

He is just a fish, isn't he? LOL! I think it's so great when kids have something they Love like that.

Good luck to Shane. My hubby and I quit three and a half years ago. I am so glad, too!

Have you tried, or do you like flavored water? I can't remember what it is called, but there is a kind that is flavored with fruit juice and no sugar. I think.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Queen Frogger said...

The grey and yellow silk is lovely, where was that from?

12:03 PM  

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