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Friday, January 05, 2007

Trials, Tribulations and potential resolutions

This week has been extremely trying. To start with (at work) it has been like starting a whole new job in many ways. While I am familiar with my duties and the staff I am working with, I have had duties added on and am swamped like I haven't been since I started. I may actually need to take work with me this weekend (something I rarely do). One of the reasons I haven't contemplated going back to teaching is due to this. I do not miss having homework everynight. (Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself to believe that giving the students no homework was in their best interest -- at least most of the time. I taught math so practice is what you need). In addition, I have the added fun of merging work someone else did with what I need to do and follow. I have lost what little organization I manage to keep in my head. If it isn't written down and I get interrupted it is gone. This has made my boss be both exasperated and laugh at me. Luckily it is getting a little better.

This was the first week back to normal swim team practices. It is very tiring getting back into schedule. We also have a meet in Paducah this weekend. I am afraid it is not going to be much fun due to all those kids running up and down hallways and a dance = very little sleep and a cranky mommy.

Plus my washing machine had broken down. Now this machine is only a little over a year old so this was unexpected. It finished the load and I was moving it to the dryer when I noticed the carpet under the machine was soaking wet. Not good. Shane checked the hoses but couldn't see anything wrong. Luckily when I bought the machine I got the extended warranty (I don't usually but I had been screwed when my previous machine died 5 years into ownership and it was a fancy model). So I called up the service people and scheduled an appointment for Thursday. Now being a family of four and going without a washing machine for three days is practically a recipe for disaster. We had laundry everywhere. I usually do about two loads a day and then a few extras on weekends for sheets and my work clothes. The service guy shows up yesterday and there is nothing wrong with the machine. He thinks it was probably overfilled and water spilled over the top of the barrel. I went three days without doing laundry in the week prior to a weekend away for nothing. Shane started some laundry (probably what caused the spill to begin with as he always overfills the machine but I don't want him to not help out so I say nothing. Bitching about the way a guy does something is the surest way to keep him from even trying. Probably why he doesn't fold laundry unless I ask.)

I got home from work last night ready to do some packing and serious knitting. (I got that lace scarf I am working on) Except that I was hit with a huge migraine. I have gotten migraines for around 8 years and they suck. They suck in ways that aren't even thinkable unless you have had one. Since I haven't found any true migraine medicine that works, I took a Vicodin and waited for the pain and nausea to subside. If there was any better sign that I have been a very bad girl on my diet this was it. Back before I started my weird diet, I used to get migraines all the time. Apparently, cola and chocolate trigger migraines in me. Big time. This may not be such a big deal for some but for me this is huge. I drank nothing but soda for years. And chocolate is a food group all its own. When I started the diet one of the first things I did was cut out soda. Unfortunately, over the previous six months or so I have started drinking it again. It started out one a day and then went up from there. Basically soda is my equal to smoking. My husband agreed to quit smoking again and I agreed to go back to the diet. I feel much better when on it, it just doesn't work well with our schedule right now.

So I have only the one resolution – stick to my diet (which isn't a lose weight diet, I can still eat fried foods and desert they just can't contain certain ingredients or to much refined sugar which feeds the yeast in my body).

I do have a few other things I would like to do this year but I will just call it a TO DO list instead of resolutions – I have an aversion to making resolutions since I have never kept a resolution.

1. Continue the organization of the crackerbox house. I live in a 1000 square foot house with three closets. Organization is a must. This is an ongoing project that I began 2 years ago. Progress is being made.

2. Try to finish half of the WIPs. I am not even going to list them. It would be way to depressing. One of the WIPs which needs to be finished is my husband's sweater.

That is about all the official things I want to do. Anyone patient enough to make it through my list will be rewarded with a picture of the scarves I made my co-workers. The left is Twilley's Freedom made up basic k3p2 rib. The middle is the fisherman's scarf (I always get this name wrong. It's the one that has gone like fire around the net) out of Cascade 220 and the final I can't remember what it is out of.

And lastly, Nate and my grandpa playing cars.


Anonymous Secret Pal said...

Oh no! You get migranes from eating chocolate?!? Oops...I think this one was partly my fault...

I hope you get feeling better very soon!



5:25 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I thought the same thing as SP there! I sent you chocolate last August, I'm sorry! It sounds like you've had a challenging few days of the new year, but it also sounds like you've got it under control. I love those 3 scarves, they look so pure (I think the middle is the Irish Hiking Scarf)

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No chocolate & soda?? I'm getting a migraine just thinking of it! That does NOT sound fun--same with the washer :-(

But the scarves look great!

10:14 AM  

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