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Monday, January 08, 2007


Ben's meet this weekend was fabulous. The pool was a 25 yarn pool instead of meters which makes it slightly longer (or the reverse with the actual measurements. I can never remember which one is longer). His 100 breast improved 26 seconds! His worst event he still improved 5 seconds on. We were so happy. He had a great time and won a number of the heats he was in and got the little prize that goes along with that. It is so funny to see the differences in sizes in the kids at this age. Ben was racing against boys who had hit the next big growth and were as tall as many of the adults. Ben is not exactly short for his age, but he is skinny (I think that could be a serious understatement. Slim sized pants fall off of him without a belt.) Of course, anymore his is all whipcord and bone. He has the full six-pack abs! Anyhoo, he was excited about his races so it went pretty well.

With all the kids staying in the hotel, it was a fun weekend for Ben. He played in the arcade and in between races they all stayed in the "team" room. Then there was a dance on Saturday night. Ben isn't yet old enough to care about girls so he spent the evening playing tag. Nate went to the dance for about 5 minutes but it was to loud for him and he came back to the room.

Saturday afternoon, we all took naps. Then my mom got restless (she carries mail and needs the activity) so we gathered up Nate (Ben was playing) and headed off to see Paducah. We drove past the yarn store, which was thankfully closed. (I need no temptation to buy yarn. It is bad enough that the LYS is just blocks from my work. It soothes my soul just to walk into a yarn store, but I still rarely walk out without something.) We ended up shopping at Gander Mountain, of all places. This worked very well for my budget.

We got home pretty early Sunday afternoon, but we were all so tired we did nothing. (Except for me, I had to catch up the laundry that we generated while gone)

I have been knitting. I have completed 1 1/2 charts on my silk scarf. I cast on for Nate's scarf (easy car knitting). Tonight, I am hoping to clean up my stash somewhat. My aunt is supposed to be painting my bedroom sometime over the next month and I don't want to be rushed getting it clean enough for her to be able to paint.

I had some pictures, but forgot the cable to the camera. So pictures tomorrow.

BTW, thanks for all the comforting words about the diet. I can cut out the soda, but I have never managed to cut out all chocolate. I work on limiting my intake. It works extremely well, especially with really good chocolate. A little goes a long way towards satisfying a sweet tooth when you are on a low yeast diet.


Blogger AR said...

Hah! You typed yarn instead of yard. I do that a lot! hehe

Yep, I'll cut down on the chocolate, but never totally make it go away. Sorry, I need it!

Say "Yay!" to Ben, too!

8:41 PM  

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