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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Catch Up

I am without the oldest boy, again. He is staying with his cousins for at least the next two days. He will be enjoying meals of nothing but chips and soda, staying up way past the normal bedtimes, playing video games until his brain melts and probably some tubing and seadoo riding. He should be good and exhausted by the time he comes home. On the plus side, his swim meet this weekend was cancelled, so we don't have to worry about how tired he will be.

Last night was my weekly girl's night. This is the main reason I don't go to a Stitch'N'Bitch. For around the past eight years or so, my BF and I have gotten together at least once a week for a meal and general hanging around. So we were both tired last night and decided to go to the local chinese place. Afterwards, we went to Wal-Mart (small town, only shopping to do in the evening) rather than go back to my house. Now this is the old style Wal-Mart, the kind that doesn't carry groceries and all that. So we wander around mostly just talking and I found a purse I like. Somehow over the years my purse has gone from a little bitty wallet to a great big huge bag. So I thought I might try to downsize somewhat. Well of course the purse doesn't even come close to holding what I "need". (Tell me why I need a palm and a paper calendar? and if my palm takes pictures and pretty decent ones at that why do I carry my camera with me?) Let alone include any knitting project in it.

Ben's last swim meet went very well. He was 1/10th of a second away from the high point trophy in his age group.

Nate played with my palm pilot and took some pictures at the luncheon. I will have to post those later. Blogger is not being overly cooperative right now.

I am hopeful to catch up on the cleaning and laundry tonight. I have just two more loads of laundry to do. It is hard to understand how so much laundry can accumulate when half the house is gone.

I played who had the worst weekend with one of the attorneys at work today. He also had a great aunt die. He typically looks on the negative side of things while I tend to be optimistic so I thought it might do him some good to hear my weekend which he didn't think could possibly be as bad as his. I won.


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