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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, Nate has recovered from his weekend. He was so tired last night that he fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch watching Sesame Street. He rarely falls asleep in front of the TV much less before his bedtime. Shane brought Ben home early from swim team as Ben was still suffering from the late bedtime on Sunday as well. Both boys went to bed early and I thought it would be my chance to go to bed early as well. Did I get to bed early? Yes. Sleep however proved elusive. I had been on a prescription for Lunesta but the side effects were terrible (if there are side effects listed for a drug I get them, but sometimes they go away after use). Lunesta gave me horrible headaches everyday and made be a complete and total bitch to be around. So I stopped taking it just to make sure that was the problem. Sure enough, the headaches stopped and the crankiness to. But I forgot how hard it was for me to sleep before. Hopefully, the doc will have something else for me to try.

Anyways, a little background into the pool at our house. My aunt bought a pool when Ben was one (eight years ago). When she and her ex-husband got divorced, the people who bought their old house didn't want the pool. So, she sold the pool to Shane and I for a small sum (which included the walls, pump, filter and a heater). Last summer, my dad brought his backhoe over to dig out the dirt to make a deep end. However, my dad works in his own time which is really slow. Couple that with a couple of deaths, grandma and cousin, and the summer just turned to shit. We tried to put the liner in the pool twice and both times failed. The first because we got the pool to deep and the second because it was simply to cold to stretch the liner. So the liner sat in the pool all winter (to help keep the dirt underneath in place). Finally, we got the liner put in and the pump running right before Ben's birthday on the 2nd of July. Which leads me to my point.

Last night I realized the pump was clogged and that was why the vacuum wasn't sucking. So I had Shane come out to unclog the pump as I am weak and couldn't get the lid off the pump. After he cleaned out the pump, he turned the filter back on and out came all kinds of dirt right into the pool from the filter! It turns out if you turn off the pump, you have to backwash the filter before turning it back on. So I worked all last week to get the worst of the dirt out of the pool (sitting in the elements for a whole winter uncovered left the liner might disgusting). Needless to say all that work was for naught.

I am hopeful that the water will warm up enough that I will be willing to get in. It was hovering around 76 degrees and that is a little to cold for my blood. It got up to 78 but it rained last night and is supposed to rain today, so it will probably be cold again. I need to get in and scrub the sides which are still pretty filthy.

In the knitting front, I started the decreases on my mom's hat. It is in a version of cascade with two colors a light green and a dark green plied together. Just a simple roll brim hat. It was supposed to be for me but I didn't make a gauge swatch and cast on too many stitches which I do often for hats. If they don't fit me or anyone else in the family I donate them. My mom however has a very large head. Just to give you an idea, my mom's motorcycle helmet is a XL my dad's is a L and mine is a M. So the hat will fit her perfectly. As soon as I finish it, I will post pics.


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