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Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, it was a really long weekend. Friday night Shane and I were supposed to have a "date" night. But he wasn't feeling well, so we cut it short at Toys'R'Us and a movie. We saw the Pirates of the Caribbean. I really enjoyed it and so did Shane. Definately unrealistic in just about every aspect, but still really enjoyable. Right before I got off work I realized I hadn't brought any movie knitting with me but just the stole for the wedding. So I had to stop at the LYS (luckily just a few blocks from work) and pick up something. I ended up with some beautiful orange, purple and red yarn from Twilley's. I am nearly done with a hat and will get some pictures up tomorrow. The movie was worth about 3/4 of a hat of knitting for me. (I always knit something in plain stockinette at the movies, it keeps me from eating or drinking anything and having to get up to use the restroom 8 gazillion times).

On Saturday I drove to Scott Air Force base and took the Metro in to Barnes Hospital to see my Aunt. It was a pretty decent trip all things considered. I spent the whole day visiting with Brenda and all the other relatives there to see her. I let at 7:30 to catch the metro back to Scott. I didn't really want to be in East St. Louis after dark. I made it home exhausted at 11:30, way after my normal bedtime.

Ben had his meet on Saturday and despite all the heat did really good. He got two first places in his individual events and they got first in one of their relays. I wish they had kept track of his times, but of course nobody else thought to keep track without me there. The relay he is on for freestyle is made up of mostly 6 and 7 year old boys. He is 9 competing in the 8 and under (in summer session they don't move up if the birthday is in the middle of the session). Usually they place last in this event so it was a big deal for them to win.

On Sunday, the boys and I swam at our house in the morning. The pool finally got comfortable enough for me to get in. Then Nate and I took a nap. I wanted to take my nap floating on the pool, but Ben had a friend over to swim and I didn't want to interupt their fun. Then Nate and I got back in that night. We ate a late supper and that was it.

I didn't get any other knitting done except on the hat. I had to do some mending last night. I kept putting it off, but I am running out of slacks for work. I will leave with a picture of Nate doing his best pirate "Argh".


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