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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Swim Meet

Well, we had lots of family at the swim meet last night. Because it was a weeknight meet, Ben got to swim some events he is usually not in. (Not because he can't do them but because he is better in other events). However, the weather did not cooperate very well. First we all sweltered and then it started thundering and then the lightning, which of course stops everything and in this case resulted in the cancellation of the rest of the meet. On the plus side, the family got to see him do all four strokes in the IM. He was the only boy in his age group to race the IM. He also did the medley relay. Ben was supposed to do the 50 free, 25 fly and free relay all of which are normal events for him (well the 50 free is normal in the winter months, in the summer it is not very often).

Nate entertained both his grandmas and aunts by taking pictures of them. He hasn't quite figured out the pushing the button and when the picture actually gets taken aren't quite the same time. He also wants to keep his fingers (he has really long fingers) over the lens.

The sky as he was trying to get Grandma.

Me and Shane.

Grandma "Pig" (So named because when Ben was little he always referred to them as Papa and Grandma with the pigs and it was shortened by Ben over time. Mom has come to terms with the name.) The only good shot he took.

Last is one I took of Nate and Grandma. I tried to get one of Ben swimming but he was to far away in his first two events and the rest were cancelled.

Three more meets until the final and we aren't sure yet if Ben will be in the final meet. Luckily (for us) the last three meets are indoors.

Last night I worked on the stole some more after we got home. The hat has been put aside for a bit. I will probably finish it this weekend.


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