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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm all the time reading about people's superstitions. You know the ones like quilter's leaving in a mistake and throwing spilled salt over you shoulder. Well, I tend not to be overly superstitious but there is one that always seems to happen to me. Death comes in threes. So, I am of course trying to decide if it will hold true this time and wondering who it will be. Brenda will likely be the first and unfortunately my family has a goodly number of the older generations (I'm talking seventies and up here) that could easily round out the three. The problem with this is of course that I'm not ready for any of these people to leave us and am stressing out over nothing. Now I would like to believe this is just me being overly silly, but every death in the past ten years has followed the three at a time dictum. Last years were the worst. So I am really hopeful that I will be able to look back and laugh at my silliness in believing this superstition.

Ben has a swim meet tonight. I figure we will all be melted into puddles by the end of it. Except of course Ben who will be swimming and Nate who will get to sample the baby pool. Our pool was perfect yesterday, the water a very comfortable 82. Shane even got in. I was stunned, he isn't much of a swimmer on the whole.

Over the weekend, my parents had taken the boys to the pool at the camp site where they were staying. The pool would not allow Nate to swim with his floaty on. Now I think this is really silly, Nate can swim better than most adults with his floaty on and without it he sinks like a stone. His floaty will not come off if he jumps, dives or any other maneuver he could manage. So, he had lifegaurds going down the slide with him. Apparently, he charmed the sixteen year old girls to take him down (not that this is a first in our family. I am not looking forward to the teenage years with my boys, I only hope they get a little ungainly and shy before then) Then there was a comotion and my parents weren't ready to catch him and he wasn't going down with a lifegaurd, the lifegaurd on the tower had to jump in to save him. Now I am sure the water probably felt good to the lifegaurd, but really if he had his floaty on he wouldn't have needed the life guard. (Okay, I understand that things like water wings will fly off and that is likely a reason they don't allow floaties and if they are going to ban one type it is easier to ban all. This is the same floaty my oldest learned to swim on and I highly recommend them but they do not come off without some serious work!) Now that I have vented about that, I will show you a picture of Nate on the slide. It isn't the best picture, my mom was apparently having problems getting them at the right moment. No knitting pictures today although there was some progress on the stole last night.

Hopefully, I will get some good ones of Ben at the meet tonight. Our pool is great for pictures of the swimmers because you can get close enough to them to catch them above the water.


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