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Monday, July 31, 2006


Blogger is once again not allowing pictures to be added -- so I will add them later.

This weekend I got to have something extremely rare in my house. Complete alone time. I had to work on Sunday morning to make up for some of the time I was gone for the funerals. When I got home, Shane loaded up the boys and headed to his parents. His mom is having a hot tub put in and Shane is doing the wiring. At some point in time in the wiring last week, he managed to disconnect a whole room of their house (he still has no clue how it happened and it is driving him crazy because he is methodical about this kinda thing). Now Shane's car is still not working properly (it is still starting but until we get it looked at I didn't want them to drive it that far) so they waited for me to get home and then all three of them left. I was stunned. I thought for sure I would have at least one boy not want to go. I got to do laundry and nap on the pool (one of my favorite things) well at least until 2 when the sun is obscured by the trees in our backyard, then I moved my nap into the house. Then I watched a movie and worked out. Finally I started knitting.

I made progress on the swatch for Beth's purse. So far I am liking how it looks. I am about three inches in. It is the denim yarn and my addi naturas are now a very lovely shade of dark blue. My hands faired better. I will have some before and after shots when I get it finished and washed.

We got the bridesmaid dresses on Saturday. Unbelievably, the final dress wasn't even an option. We were looking at something else in the back room at the shop and one of the bridesmaids pulled out a gorgeous dark red dress. She went to try it on as a lark and we all really liked it. So all the bridesmaids tried it on and then I put it on (I wear the size they keep in the store so it fits me mostly right) and made the Bride put back on her gown to see them together.

Then we all went for lunch. We hit the mall and I got another new purse. The other one was just to small. I think this one will be perfect.

I think I am starting to get the hang of blogging. I lurked on many a site for quite a while before I started this blog. I am now trying to comment more even if it feels like an inane sentiment. I haven't yet gotten any better about photographing things. I would like to get better at that not for the blog so much but so I have pictures of some of the things I do. For example I have tons of pictures of the boys and a fair number of my husband with the boys, but there are precious few of me with either of my boys. I would like to get a few more of those for the future.


Blogger kt said...

I hear you, I hear you! The ALONE time in your own house is almost as good as a vacation.

My boss is also gone for 2 weeks! There will be hell to pay when he gets back as he's actually filming a video for the company that makes a product we use, but I'll deal with that when he gets back.

And yes, I agree that commenting is a thing of beauty. It's like money in the bank or getting a real letter inthe mail when thee's a new comment. I never read them inmy email, I always go straight to the blog and read it there. Silly, eh?

The bridesmaid dresses will look fab in red. And you look great in yours, despite the lack of a head!

2:48 AM  

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