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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cake, Red Velvet Cake

Yesterday for my birthday, the office manager made a red velvet cake with the sugar icing. Yummy! My favorite. I had a piece after lunch today as well. To top off the birthday, there is much drama with the bosses youngest son and his no-longer fiance. Makes me glad that my boys are so young.

Swim team try-outs went well. Basically, one of the high school coaches recognized Ben and told the coach making the kids swim that Ben didn't need to swim and to put him in the Silver group. Ben was slightly disappointed that he didn't get to show off. One week until practice starts.

I go V for Vendetta last night. I love this movie. So does my husband, he actually told me I could buy it when we were at the movie theatre. (I don't have to have his permission to buy things, but in this case I was glad to know he wanted it to). I do have to admit that I have rather eclectic movie taste and do enjoy some real oddball movies that most people don't like. V is really dark but humerous. Shane and I were both laughing in the movie (at the theatre) before most of the audience caught on to the jokes or when they didn't. I am pretty used to this as I also laugh at horror films and Quentin Tarentino films, for the most part, crack me up something terrible. I think I giggled all the way through From Dusk Til Dawn.

I finished the red hat last night, but I keep leaving my camera at work so no pictures yet. Progress is still being made on the wedding stole.


Blogger Carole said...

I love Red Velvet Cake, too! Glad you got to have some. Mmmm.

12:56 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Happy Birthday!! I just had red velvet cake for the first time a couple of weeks ago. If I had known what I was missing I wouldn't have waited 32 years to try it!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

V for Vendetta was indeed great .. what I liked most about it was, even though the source material was written aimed at Thatcher's Britain, you could bring your own politics into the movie and take whatever you wanted to from this kick in the pants of complacency

6:12 PM  

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