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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is it wrong to whine when you are 32?

Okay, so technically I am 31 but still vacation is over and it was back to work today (here's where the whining comes in). There was a shitload of work piled up on desk this morning. So much for getting to come back without the back up (this was my dream now that my boss has to assistants). On top of that, the other assistant didn't show up today (completely not like her). We still haven't heard anything. Not the most pleasant first day back, but hey at least it is Tuesday.

Allrighty, on to happier things. Vacation was wonderful. I started with a trip to The Fold. I love this store and Toni is great. (Although, she wasn't there this time. She was on her way to a fiber festival. Her son was great help.) My sister had me pick her out a spinning wheel. I know next to nothing about wheels and she has never spun so this was interesting. Then I got to pick her out fiber. She came out of the deal with a whole pile of stuff. I came out with some STR and three sets of the Crystal Palace needles. No picture I was a bad blogger about that and will try to get some pictures later.

Beth and I went shopping Friday afternoon. Then to the Ren Faire on Saturday. It was a blast. I got a great picture of Ben with Aunt Liz, Uncle Craig and Beth. (Beth is the blonde)

Ben loved it. He came home with one thing. A whistle/flute thing. It was a great hit. I got Nate a wooden sword. For myself, a necklace and a toe ring.

Just for fun we did the Tarot card reading. This particular instance was horrible. She said almost the exact same thing to both Beth and I. We felt ripped off and disappointed because she was terribly negative about everything she said. Not the way to get repeat business.

The joust was great. We had seats and could see Ben from where we were. He was in the perfect place to hear "his knight" talking to the squire and all that. He was excited and wants to go next year. He even thinks it would be fun to dress up!

Pictures of the joust and my booty from Fringe and The Fold tomorrow.


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