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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Biker Dude

The boys are back. Nate was excited to be home, Ben was just hungry. I don't know what Shane was thinking when he packed for them. I am surprised Nate had any toys left in his room! They just kept carrying in stuff. Both the boys were tired, but Nate had to show off his new decoration. It's a snake tatoo. He wanted to be out riding his bike with it but settled for snuggling with mom. This morning he was so excited to show it to the sitter and everybody there. I had to roll the sleeve up on his Superman shirt so that it could be seen.

Wedding news -- the bridesmaid dresses arrived but in two different shades of red!! The owner of the shop is trying to convince the bride that it will be alright and that she can't get anymore of that particular dress and the other one won't come in ontime. I told her that was bullsh*t. She was upset about it but was trying to make nice, but I think if it is enough of a difference that the owner called the bride it is to much of a difference. That is why all the bridesmaids go at the same time to order the dresses, to get the same dyelot. So she is raising a ruckus today to get it taken care of.

I signed up today for the Sock Wars. These Sock Wars are being hosted by the Yarn Monkey (the post about sock wars is a little ways down). This looks like so much fun and even though I am totally slow at knitting most things (during the olympics I managed to get one and a half socks done in two weeks but that was doing nothing but knitting for one whole weekend then barely any knitting on the socks after because my hands hurt from those blasted little needles) I am still looking forward to it. I will likely be killed rather quickly but it will be fun.

I started the Baby Kimono from the Mason-Dixon book last night. I finally gave up on the pattern for the eldest, turns out I was making the wrong size so it wouldn't have fit her anyways. I think I will just make a hat and scarf set for her. Since she is three I think the Fizz will appeal and since I bought it for her what else will I use it for?

The Dulaan Project ended with over 10,000 items. This is totally exciting. If you haven't heard of Dulaan, check it out over at Ryan's blog. She puts up wonderful pictures that are sent back from Mongolia with the kids in their handknits.


Blogger AR said...

What a cute little biker dude. I can't believe that about the dresses! Uh! I hope it all works out before the wedding!

9:56 PM  

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