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Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Day of Freedom

The boss comes back Monday so today is my last day of freedom or in this case, boredom. I am so ready to be done with file review and actually have something with a deadline. I usually take a week of vacation during his two weeks of August vacation, but we aren't taking a family vacation this year (the boys got the pool instead) so I am working. Then because of the trial scheduled I pushed back my weekend away one week, so I will actually be gone three days that he is here. There goes my pretty clean desk. Luckily one of the other assistants in now working for my boss as well so it shouldn't be to bad.

I managed to clean my car out last night. I never do this. Most of my cars have been used and older and I have always maintained that when you are in the car as much as we are it is pointless to worry about it. The floorboard and seats get vacuumed when I get the oil changed and I wipe of the dash when it gets to dusty. But this car is fairly new, so I feel the need to keep it cleaner. I barely got done before the rain and lightning closed in, and apparently I missed some of the floorboard by Nate's seat. Then Shane added the windsock his mom got for Nate to his bike. No picture yet, it was to nasty for him to get to ride with it on. And Shane changed the tire on Ben's bike which has been flat all summer. (He spends more time on his scooter, foot powered.) Then we cleaned a little of the house.

I knitted on the baby kimono last night. I have gotten past the collar and am onto the left sleeve. I finally decided that I am going to make a scarf and fancy purse for my sitters daughter. She will get more use out of dress up stuff than anything else and I can't find a pattern I like for her. I think I will probably add a hat in with that, just because I like to make hats.

I don't have any pictures of anything remotely relating to this, but Nate wore his manatee shirt from our trip to Florida last summer today so I am going to include a picture of Ben and I playing with a baby manatee. I was in the water, but Ben was on the ladder of the boat. Nate loves that shirt even thought he wouldn't stay in the water when the manatees swam up. They scared him when he wasn't in the boat. (BTW, this is the coolest thing ever to do with kids or adults for that matter. My dad liked it so much that next summer when we will be in Florida again although a completely different part he is planning a day trip to do it again).


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