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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Damn that House

Last night I got sucked into House. I admit I watch a lot of tv, well mostly movies. But I turned on House last night and BAM there went two hours. And of course it was a two part thing with the doc getting sick and all emotional, so when it was over I couldn't go to sleep. Now I am exhausted and having trouble getting through the morning, yet it is my Friday and I should be giddy. Terribly sad. Then to make matters worse I am likely going to blow my diet (low yeast) with a wonderful, tasty lunch of beef and noodles and homemade mashed 'taters. One of my favorite meals, but canned beef broth has yeast in it (betcha didn't know that). Part of the other reason for my inability to sleep is that it was beef day yesterday. Now in our law office this means that the cow the firm purchased at the county fair is all butchered up and ready to go home. They buy a cow and pig every year and divide it up amongst the staff. So I spent the better part of an hour hauling in 900 pounds of frozed cow and turning it into seven roughly equaly piles and then lugging my pile home and loading it into my freezer. Not good on the body when you have fibro, but oh so tasty!

We registered Ben for school last night. He got a fairly experienced teacher and I am grateful for that. One of the teachers this year student taught last year and that first year is sometimes really rough. He is really excited about going back to school. We got all of his supplies last weekend. Explain to me please why a boy with 800 gazillion pencils needs more? Anyone? I can't explain why I bought more knowing that he had those pencils at home. I haven't bought him pencils in years! Luckily the total bill wasn't to outrageous since I don't do new clothes at this time of the year. I may have a huge problem when the weather gets colder and I realize that neither of the boys has a pair of pants that don't look like they are waiting for the flood. (Both my boys tend to get taller without getting much wider, very frustrating). Nate was with us when we got the school supplies and they had Superman lunch boxes. The old metal kind. He really wanted one, so I let him have one (it did seem a little unfair that big brother was getting all this new stuff and he didn't have anything.) It will be perfect for legos (obssession of the moment).

Ben also admitted last night to be missing swim team. He is a little nervous about this fall as he will be in the Silver group. Last year the coach was going to put him in Silver to start with and then realized he just turned 8, so they kept him in bronze. The absolute youngest they like to have in Silver is 9 and most of the kids are 11 and up. He is afraid he won't be able to keep up! I laughed. At three he would swim from morning to dark with only breaks for food, so I don't know why he would have issues at 9. Luckily, there are still two more weeks before registration for that, so any swimming he would do would be purely recreational.

I started the fuzzy boa last night. Remind me again why I am working with novelty yarn?? I really don't like it. I recall having sworn off this FIZZ after making Brenda her two chemo caps. That didn't stick. On the plus size, when making a boa in toddler size, it goes pretty quick. I don't have any pictures (left my camera at home) but I will when I get back from Chicago.

I don't know if I will post over the next few days. If I get the chance I will, but don't expect to hear from me until Monday. I think I am going to go up to The Fold to start with. What a great store. Then supper with the nephew -- spoiling time! He is Aunt Mindy's boy. Of course when he is at my house he is always super tired and does nothing but sleep and torment poor Remus. Remus (who was raised with Ben, we got Remus as a puppy when Ben was 1 1/2) just gives me long suffering looks and after a half an hour or so goes to hide. So I am looking forward to getting to spoil him on his home turf (I only get to do this around once a year, they come back home to visit about once every six weeks, so I don't really have to go to Chicago to see them).

I have a dilema with this weekend. At my LYS (Riverwools, check it out Martha is fabulous) she keeps a birthday club. During the month of your birth (August in my case) you can pick one day to have a 20% discount on yarn. Now if I spend to much money at other yarn stores I won't get to use my discount this year (not that I need to, but I WANT to). I don't buy yarns available at my LYS at other stores so it wouldn't be like I would duplicate any purchases. The questions is how good to be.

Decisions, decisions.


Blogger kt said...

Ok, I'm going to try to comment along in the same order as your post:

1. House...Hugh Laurie; mmmmmmmm. Yummy Brit doing flawlwss American accent. De-freaking-licious.

2.Yeast and food additives...my dear MIL gets migraines and heart attack symptoms if she eats MSG. I've become a label-reader. Sorry you have to, too.

3. School...Marion's started in a private school this year. We plan to eat lots of macaroni and cheese, so send the boys here to grow wider. (And it's Annie's Mac & Cheese, so no yucky additives and a cute little bunny logo to boot.)

4.I think it's cool that Ben has something he's so in love with already. Even if he doesn't swim competitively forever, it's a great thing for him to have and call his own.

5. Novelty yarn-feh. Except for little girlies. Exceptions to the rule.

6.Have a blast spoiling the nephew and SPOIL AUNT MIDY with lots of YARN! GO, GIRL, GO! You'll have to wait a year for that discount, so move!

(And should you need to know, my word verification is "qelzknm")

11:27 PM  

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