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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

As if I am ever terribly coherent, but I write like I talk and that is all over the place.

Nate has now been gone for five days. I am ready for him to be home. Shane worked until eight last night so the house was unbearably quiet. It was also guilt inducing.

Since he was working and I was home alone, I felt that I must clean something. Since we aren't home often and when we are we do the necessities of cleaning, dishes and laundry, and then we sleep or play with the boys. Well, that leaves the house in a less than desirable state most of the time. Now this normally doesn't bother me to much. Unless the floor is grungy feeling or looking, clutter I can live with dirt bothers me. So instead of taking a nap and knitting my evening away, I filed papers. For three hours. I'm still not done as I haven't really filed anything in about three years or so. On the plus side, I can see part of my desktop. On the negative, I need to finish the rest of the clutter on the desk. Then maybe we could set up the computer I got to take home from work when we got new ones, for the boys to use.

After I got done with that, I didn't have the energy to clean the pool. It is going to need some TLC for the next couple of days to get it pretty again. (The water is crystal clear, the bottom is dirty). Luckily, Shane is gaming tonight (I think they play D&D but it depends on how many of the guys show sometimes they play other things), so I won't feel quite so guilty about not getting anything done but knitting.

My August Birthday Swap pal got her present yesterday. Happy Birthday Katy! Go visit her here. She was a blast to shop for and just went on a cruise to Alaska!

My birthday isn't until the 26th, but I tend to celebrate for at least a month. I will start in Chicago with Beth. We are going to a Ren Faire in two weeks. Beth's birthday is at the first part of the month, so we typically do something together to celebrate. I wanted to go this weekend, but my schedule included a trial (I work as a legal assistant so trial time is to busy to take off) and Beth had a family reunion so we moved it back a week. Then I realized I am going to miss the family party for the August birthdays. I am not sure I have ever missed this party before, but I will this year.

I have been thinking about my holiday knitting. Last year I made some hats up to give out and all those who received loved them. I also made a hat for my Aunt using the Euroflax linen and the pattern from A Gathering of Lace. (I really need to get a picture of that it was the most difficult thing I have made to date). This year I really haven't made a plan yet for what I want to give out. I don't give knitted gifts to everyone. My mom has already requested a wrap so I think she will get one of those. My MIL has given me some chenille yarn for a scarf, but it was really a pain to work with so I am going to try and find something nice for a scarf for her. But everyone else, I just don't know. Any thoughts for easy to make gifts? Dishcloths?


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