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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Closet Cleanout and FO

Here is a hat I finished up last night. This yarn was left over Lana Grossa something or other from the sweater I made my nephew. (Of which I seem to have no picture. Must make mental note to have sister email me the picture of C in sweater)

He is in a much better mood now. You wouldn't necessarily think that swimming for 1 1/2 hours straight would make a kid happy, but that is exactly what happened to my kid. Ben was happier last night after practice than he has been in many a day.

His coaches are the same as last year which is a good thing. Not only are they good coaches, but they are not difficult to get along with. The group is smaller so Ben is getting more swimming time in and more personal attention. It should be an interesting year.

The second Ben is modeling the two dishclothes that I finished last week.

The closet teaser, well, being the bad blogger that I am, I have no photos of before or after. But I found shoes I forgot I owned, jewelry I though long lost and shelf space again. Many things went to the rummage pile. It felt good to have a clean organized closet once again. For however long it lasts.


Blogger AR said...

Cute boy! I read that as 11 and a half hours, at first. I am tired! haha.

3:08 PM  
Blogger kt said...

I have a "to-do" list of about 6 things that I need to get to, and the closet is on the list....

but maybe not tonight, although you have inspired me!

10:48 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

It sounds like he was missing going to practice during the summer and is very happy to be back ;o)

RR and I cleaned out our closets last month and I found clothes that he wore in the EIGHTIES. It was not pretty. And it underscored all the reasons why he is not allowed to choose clothing for himself. ;o)

8:35 AM  
Blogger Eleni said...

Love the hat, you must be having the same cool weather we are!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Sunflowerfairy said...

Are my size 4 needles in your closet too?? I can't find them anywhere. lol

Cleaning is good even though it sucks to do.

Cutie boy too. :)

9:22 AM  

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