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Friday, September 01, 2006

Three Day Weekend

Yippee! Three days off. One of which I might actually get to spend at my house! I know that Saturday and Sunday are already out. Saturday morning I am helping the BF's mom with her knitting. She thinks she needs my advice so I said I would stop by. Then onto my parents for dinner and playing with the nephew while they scan old photographs from my grandma's. Sunday is the family reunion. That leaves Monday. I thought I would have to spend the day cleaning, but Shane is not working today (he normally has Friday's off, but chooses to work them for overtime) because Nate is sick (going to the doc this afternoon) so he is cleaning house. That leaves organizing, knitting and playing with the boys for Monday.

I finished two discloths and started a third last night. The first two are plain crochet cloths out of cotton chenille. The third is the ball band dishcloth out of cotton chenille. My mom got a chenille cloth for christmas last year and she loves it. She has requested more which for my mom is amazing as she never asks for anything. I don't care for knitting with it, but the crochet wasn't bad. I have a couple more balls to use up. Now I just have to figure out if I want to try my hand at making soap or if I just want to buy homemade soap to go with it.

And in the spirit of eye candy friday -- Jamaica during a Hurricane. Taken in 2005 at a resort for my SIL's wedding.


Blogger kt said...

Oooh, purty sky. We're hoping for some whopper monsoon action this weekend.

What kind of chenille yarn do you favor? I thought the Mason-Dixon washcloths might be nice X-mas gifties.

Hope Nate is feeling better-my girlie is down with a sore throat and we had to fetch her from school early and cancel a sleepover--quel bummer! Hope your guy is well soon.

Haircut for me tomorrow and a potluck with my softball team on Sunday, so Monday will be my at-home do-stuff day, too. I'll be thinking of you! Have a good one!

11:11 PM  

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