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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Thanks for all the comments about Ben. He's a great kid and so photogenic, I don't think I have ever seen a bad picture of him.

I have been formulating a plan of attack for organizing my dining room/office. Part of my new-found organizing zest comes from living in a tiny house (less than 1000 sq ft) with three closets in it and no other storage spaces, four if you count the half closet that is for linens (and those closets are the two in the master bedroom and the one the boys share). So stuff just kind of erupts all over the house. Put that together with a family that is constantly on the go and the house always seems to be a mess. I don't mind a certain amount of clutter, but it has gotten a bit beyond ridiculous. So over the past year and a half I have been decluttering and downsizing our stuff room by room.

The boys rooms I do every year due to the sheer volume of crap they receive at birthdays and Christmas. Most of this they don't play with (and I have talked with the culprits to no avail about this) and ends up being resold at rummage or given to our sitter. So their rooms have become fairly well maintained, except that Nate doesn't think anything should actually be put up he prefers it all out and on the floor.

Our bedroom is a never ending battle because that is where I keep my yarn. Not so much because I have to much (is there such a thing?) but because I get it out to play with and then don't always get it put back. Also, after my grandma passed away my relatives kept trying to give us stuff from her house. I still have two boxes of towels in my bedroom from her house. I am hopeful that when I finish the closets, I will have room for these in the linen closet. Most of the stuff they tried to send to me I refused.

I have one task I want to finish before Nate's birthday this weekend. My desk. I sent my computer to my brothers when Shane killed it last weekend. My brother is supposed to bring it back this Sunday all upgraded and working. But my desk is covered in junk. Stuff that needs filed, papers from Ben's swimming and school I wanted to keep and junk that just never found a home. I have it halfway cleaned off but there is still a lot to do. (If I remember to take my camera home tonight I will take a picture of the disgusting mess to share)

I finished the ballband chenille dishcloth last night. That chenille is really hard on my hands. I think it is Crystal Palace, but I have completely lost all the ball bands (sad because I still have two balls left untouched which I will crochet into dishcloths). I got three full dishclothes out of two balls. One solid of each color and the mixed one. I also started a new stole for me to wear to the wedding. The one I started with the Karabella will have to be put on hold. As long as I am working on the bride's stole with the lace mohair, I need a change for my evening knitting. I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in black bought on sale from my LYS and the Kimono pattern from Folk Shawls. I absolutely love this book.


Blogger AR said...

Someday, I will get organized! Probably when all of these kids grow up. lol.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Getting organized is one of my goals - since I lost my 'regular' client I have three days a week free again. I can't see the top of my desk and I'm surrounded by piles of stuff - not big piles, just annoying ones ;o)

11:29 PM  

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