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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Daily Grind

How is it that as my boss's desk gets cleaner, mine gets messier. And when mine gets cleaner, his gets messier? We are in a my desk is messy phase and I am about to go nuts. Tomorrow I am devoting the day to getting my desk cleaned off and a big TO DO list done.

We have no swim team tonight, so I am looking forward to getting some work done in the house. My big plans for last night were curtailed by a cute boy who wanted snuggles and games. After a game of Candyland, in which I got my ass handed to me, and four games of Hi-Ho Cherri-O, I won three of these and had to get creative with the spinner so that he would win since good sportsmanship only goes so far when you are four, I sat down to knit. I finished a ball of yarn on the Clapotis and am ready to do the first row of dropping stitches. Then I worked on the silk scarf. I think I was to tired to work on it and I ended up messing it up. Plus it has made the arthritis in my fingers flare up big time. So far that hasn't deterred me from working on it, but it may not last long.

I did get a surprise last night. Shane made meatloaf and potatoes. He hates meatloaf and only made it because I miss eating it. This makes him much nicer than I am. I never cook anything for him that I don't eat. My rule has always been the cook gets to choose (which of course means that I cook things he doesn't like to eat that I do, but he doesn't cook things I don't like). Unfortunately, my favorite meatloaf recipe calls for onion soup mix which I can't have so it wasn't quite as good, but he will learn.

I have managed to go over 24 hours without any soda. The first couple of days are always the hardest. I have decided that I need to bring an iced tea maker in to work so that I am not tempted by all the free soda they have for us. I have also resolved to stop buying any soda that I like to drink for the house. No grape, no pepsi, no nothing. I might keep some clear soda on hand (mainly because I don't really like it). Next up will be restocking all of our fresh food options. I can't remember the last time we had fresh vegetables in the house. (fruit is another story)


Blogger AR said...

Good for you on the soda front. I love my ice tea maker. That should help make it easier. Do you ever use flavored tea bags or just the regular ones?

6:48 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

So... how did the clearing of the desk go? Good for you on the fresh vegetables. I eat so much better when there is good food in the house. Mmmm... meatloaf....

3:05 PM  

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