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Monday, March 19, 2007


I have been in a horrible mood all day. It started out good enough and I was in a good mood. Slowly it has deteriorated to me ranting and raving about everything. The phone has been non-stop, clients have been especially whiny and lunch sucked. I finally gave in and went to the gas station and got a pepsi, cheese popcorn and some hostess cupcakes. I feel better (ah, the power of junk food) but am still really bitchy. I have yet to figure out why people feel the need to spill all of their issues to the law firm receptionist (okay, technically legal assistant, but they don't know that). Half the people who call have no idea who I am or what I do here. I could be a temp who cares not about their privacy. I just amazes me.

What totally sucks is that after work I have to take my cranky butt down to Aldi's to get some vegetables. I am not sure the world really wants me to do that today, but if not today we will be out of vegetables (well at least my two boys will be, since they only eat two types of veges and never frozen).

Let's turn to happier thoughts, shall we. On Friday last week, my boys met me for supper. They took me to TGIFridays. On the whole this was very nice. I had appetizers, pot stickers. I love the pot stickers. Seriously, delicious. Nate entertained us during the meal and Ben is finally feeling good enough and been without swim practice long enough to be absolutely punchy. We looked for new tennis shoes for Ben, as he seems to be going through a tearing them up faster than he outgrows them (but not by much) phase. However, what mom is willing to purchase and what Ben wants are two entirely different things. We did manage to come to a compromise but not one which led to shoes where we were. We have come to an agreement about where to shop next. Ben insists on non-tie shoes. He has narrow little feet so they slip on his heel. After trying some on, he realized they wouldn't be comfortable and agreed that something with a velcro might be better. So I told him he could do velcro.

Saturday we had a blissful day full of nothing. Shane had to help some cousins move, so it was just the boys and I. We did nothing but play. No cleaning, no grocery shopping (although we really should have) nothing. Well, they did sweep the kitchen floor but only because they had it so covered in play-doh there was no choice. It was quite a lovely day.

Sunday we went to the MIL's to celebrate the SIL's 29th birthday. I spent my afternoon knitting on the silk scarf, but apparently still can't read the chart even though I am on repeat #4 of it. So my knitting was in vain as I ended up right where I started seeing as how I am unable to count. I also got half of the first sleeve down on Ben's sweater. There is still hope that I will have it done before winter is over.

Finally, anyone who has made it this far deserves a little treat. Nate and his Aunt (not the birthday girl) enjoying some ice cream after supper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Just think about that, maybe today will get better.

2:47 PM  
Blogger RC said...

I have those days too.... just raving, crazed and some scary road rage. I just try to keep my head low till it blows over (and eat lots of chocolate!)
Hope tomorrow is much much better!
how about a pic of the scarf?

5:42 PM  

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