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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bike Rides

Yesterday, Ben finally got his final present for his divisional times. Pokemon Pearl. He got up a half an hour early this morning so he could play before school. Nothing like a video game to motivate him. It has been all Pokemon all the time since they announced the new games. Best yet he and his dad can battle each other.

Tuesday, I went on a bike ride with the boys. Bad for me -- my bike had flat tires so I had to ride the bike Ben got for Christmas (which is to big for him). My bike has a nice cushy fat butt seat. Ben's has a little hard seat. So besides hurting from the exercise, I was hurting from that little bitty seat. On the plus side, Nate has finally gotten fast enough on his little bike that we could ride without to much trouble. I hope we can get him off training wheels this summer. He really needs a slightly bigger bike (which we have in the garage. You know, second kid gets all the hand-me-downs).

We also played some badminton. Which mainly consisted of me chasing the birdie after Ben had hit it. Nate tried to make it even more interested by throwing footballs and baseballs to me while I was playing with Ben. This was why we ended up on a bike ride.

It has been over three weeks since I was last in the LYS and I am really feeling the itch to go. Not that I need anymore yarn or anything else really. Of course, what does need have to do with it? I did start looking at patterns for the Cashsoft I bought last fall. I have four balls in a deep red. I think I want a really pretty scarf, this is for me, any suggestions?

Nate and I were looking at patterns last night and he told me he wanted one of every pattern he found in the book we were looking at. He was somewhat disappointed when I told him that wasn't something I would do for him. He got all snugly with me when I got home (girls' night out). We won't have to many more years left before my snuggle level will go way down.


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