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Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Away

The lack of posting on Friday was thanks to the nice bossman who allowed me to go home an hour early to that I could travel to the otherside of the state for a wedding. I hadn't bothered to check and see how far it was to this particular town and was a little stunned to realize it would take at least 4 hours to get there. So we decided to go early (I didn't want to run into bad weather on the way to the wedding the next day).

The wedding was nice. My husband's family is catholic some more so than others. This particular couple did the full-blown catholic ceremony. Nate asked when it would be over very loudly at one point. Thankfully they are the type that understand kids so it was laughed about.

Everyone proceeded to the reception where my husband and a goodly number of his relatives got completely silly (way to much alcohol). But there was a band and good dancing. The boys went back to the hotel with some relatives so that they could swim with their cousins. I went back to pick them and my nieces up for the night so that my husband and SIL/BIL could go to the bars with a group of already drunk people. (like I wanted to walk to the bars at 11:30 in my dress and heels. I was perfectly happy going to get the kids. Although getting to sleep was another story). Then one of the groomsmen was so drunk that he walked out of the bar without informing anyone (apparently he wanders when drunk) so there was a frantic search culminating with me being woken up at 2 in the morning. (And really out of all the family at the hotel mine would likely have been the last room he would have come to. So why the drunks all thought I would know if he was back is beyond me). He arrived at the hotel, apparently he walked from the bar to the hotel and all was right with the world so I went back to sleep.

The next morning I got to enjoy all the rather hungover people at breakfast. There is nothing better than being clear headed around a bunch of people who imbibed to much. Unfortunately, the boys were exhausted and Nate had a meltdown before we left. He wanted to live at the hotel. I think I would be willing to do that except for the cost. All three boys were beyond cranky yesterday and I was glad to be home.

Tonight as payment for my labors (dealing with the drunk, tired and cranky) I get alone time while the boys go out to eat.


Blogger RC said...

Cool, sounds like fun! Or mostly. I want to live in a hotel too :)

Alone Time? Great! I'd do about anything for alone time!

6:17 PM  

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