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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sleepover Success

Ben's first sleepover was a complete success. He had a great time and came home exhausted. Then he got to go to swim practice. He slept on the way to grandma's that night. Unfortunately, I left work Friday with a huge migraine which did not leave me alone until Saturday. Shane took care of the boys both days without a whole lot of help from me. After he dropped the boys of at my mom's he went to hear his cousin's band while I sat at home with the dog. I couldn't even knit I felt so bad. I did manage to watch a couple of B rated flicks on my cable until it died in the middle of the second movie (which was definately not worth watching second time).

Sunday, we met my parents at my Great-Aunt's house to get the boys. They were having a little lunch to celebrate my Aunt moving to her new house and starting her new job in a whole different town. Nate was playing with my Great-Aunt's husband, G. G is easily 85 (maybe more, I haven't ever asked). Nate and G would play and then G would come in and nap for 20 minutes and then they would go back out and take a walk and then nap. It was incredibly amusing. The funniest was watching them play hide and seek. Even their neighbors watched that. During naptimes, Nate entertained all the rest of the adults.

Hopefully, I will have some knitting to show soon. I have a mitered square mostly finished and still need to block my silk scarf. I am thinking tonight will be cleaning the car and rummage sale work since I missed out on that this weekend.


Blogger Carrie said...

Hey, congratz to the boy on his first sleepover! That's exciting. Sorry about your headache, though =(

5:30 AM  

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