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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can't Stop, Must Keep Going

Work is beyond busy. We have a huge case coming up for mediation and I am preparing the presentation. You know, on top of the work I do on a normal basis. Plus I have been researching the topic, which is my own fault I just love to research stuff. But it doesn't leave much time for anything else. I have been reading docs during the evenings and I know for sure I will be working all day Sunday and probably overtime Monday.

Ben had a great practice last night. He got to test his new flippers. He kicked so hard on some of the drills that one was warped all weird shaped. Luckily it went back to normal. He also has a new swim cap out of silicone which he just loves. Nate was surprisingly quiet at practice. He spent the most of the time (after his snack) playing with his leappad and just a little working in a workbook. I am trying to teach him his letters and how to write them. I doubt he is going to go to preschool (there is only one in our town) and he has 1 1/2 hours at least twice a week at swim team in which he is not otherwise occupied. So I bought him a couple of workbooks and he absolutely loves doing them. He is all over the mazes and matching but not so much with the letters. He likes to trace them but doesn't want to freehand.

Tonight should be my girl's night out, but I am shopping on Saturday for shoes for the wedding so we canceled tonight. Then, Shane calls and needs to work over. Apparently all hell has broken loose at his work. So it looks like I will get swim duty again tonight and with both boys.
I realized last night that one of Ben's swim meets conflicts with the wedding. Luckily, my dad will be off work for the next few months (he had rotator cuff surgery and can't go back until he can carry a mailbag again) so he has offered to take Ben to the meet. This works out great for us. I hate for Ben to miss meets when they have so few.

I worked on the socks of doom a little last night, but fell back into the lure of the cashmerino which feels extra soft after the scratchy socks of doom.


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