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Friday, September 22, 2006

Crazy, Crazy Day

It has definetely been one of those days. Ben woke up an hour earlier than usual and couldn't go back to sleep. I had gotten up late because it is Friday and I don't have to get the boys ready (Shane works four days, 10 hour days). The work has just been insane all day today. I just feel like I am skittering from thing to thing without really getting anything accomplished. But I know that I have got stuff done (as is exhibited by the pile of filing that disappeared and the other cases that got moved as well as the transcription I finished). So I took a noon time trip to the LYS which is just a few blocks away from work.

The scent of yarn is just lovely. The LYS had gotten in some new Claudia's Handpainted yarns, a DK weight and a mohair. My mom is wanting a wrap in a blue color. I think she will have to meet me in there and pick the color. The one I really liked is called seascape, but I think it is a lighter color than my mom wants. I ended up with a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Deep Grape for the Sock Wars tournament. While I am aware that the socks I get could be made with cheap yarn, I am also aware I will likely not make it beyond one kill or so (way to many other deadline projects that have to come first, don't want the BF hurting me or anything) and I want to work with yarn I like. Although I don't know how it would feel to wear this sock yarn, it has mohair in it which is always a little scratchy to me. The pattern hasn't been posted yet, but socks will be good for my braindead knitting time. I definetely needed that last night.

I have been working on a sock out of STR in a blue colorway. But I got them way to big and set to rip it out last night. The ball that I wound kept coming undone, so I, being the genius that I am, got out the small ballwinder and tried to make a ball. When the ball got to big, I got the big ball winder (yes I have two, I will explain about my father on another day, it's his fault) and tried to rewind. Next thing you know, I have a great big mess. I spent two hours trying to undo it. I finally put it down and told my husband I needed to get a scale so that I can weight it for two equal amounts and cut the yarn. Then I went to the bedroom and tinked my stole to correct it.

Hopefully this weekend will be smoother. At least the weather will be nice (at least in my neck of the woods, mid 70s during the day and 50s at night, just a chance of storms on Saturday).


Blogger AR said...

Hope you get a relaxing weekend. It never is around here, but someday maybe?

10:16 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Mtn Colors Bearfoot is one of my absolute favorite sock yarns - it's not as scratchy as you would think and the socks are oh-so warm!

12:00 PM  

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