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Friday, November 03, 2006

Scarf pics

My models deserted me for sleep this morning. So I had to take a picture of myself. This is how I wear that scarf. I have it wrapped completely around my neck and it still hangs down to my waist.

Tonight I get a haircut. Then I have to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress. I need to find out exactly how long it is so I can hunt for shoes if necessary.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my BIL's 30th birthday. It is a surprise party and should be pretty fun. My parents are picking my kids up around 8 from the pub and then Shane and I will have the rest of the evening (not that I can stay up much past 11) to dance and chat and maybe drink (Shane can drink, I don't get to. Alcohol and meds don't mix well).

I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I am not very good about checking the blog for comments and can't always respond to the emails I get. I appreciate every comment and I do read them.

The bully problem seems to be well taken care of. We have been working with Ben to get him to talk to us and to teachers when he has a problem. Part of the issue is that many teachers don't believe him as to the seriousness or think he is tattling (he has been at that age). Although this has led my husband to insist that he retaliate against a repeat offender (not dangerous, just annoying) who is jealous of Ben's friendship with his best friend. This is not against teachers (I used to teach, so I understand and support the teachers) and this is also why I called the school in this instance. Next week are parent/teacher conferences, so we should know for certain if has been taken care of.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like that scarf! It definitely looks like it'll keep you warm this winter. And have fun at the party--like you, I can barely make it past 11 now, too!

4:35 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Your scarf looks so pretty and warm! Have a great (kidless) time!!

8:29 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

The scarf looks great! :o)

7:55 AM  

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