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Monday, October 30, 2006

Swim Meet and Trick or Treating

The swim meet was great! Ben improved his times in all of his events by at least three seconds and some more. He placed in all his events but freestyle, except that he got disqualified in the 100 breast for not touching with both hands at the same time. His 200 free was hilarious. He was really nervous about swimming that length so we talked about not going all out to start with. Well, he ended up sprinting the last 50 meters faster than he swam the 50 free! All the coaches were stunned watching him take off in the final 50 meters. His reasoning was he just wanted to see how fast he could go. I said he managed to show his coaches just how well he could do it and would now get to look forward to swimming that event far more often. (The face of the boy who realized he had to swim the 200 meters freestyle.)

The Halloween costumes my sister made were awesome. The boys looked so adorable and my dad had kept his head. The swords were dow rods. The nephew's was just barely 12 inches long. He hit it against a rock and broke it halfway through the night, but didn't seem to upset because he was in the wagon. Nate wore his coat over his costume (the only one of the kids that did and I think the only warm one as well) but he was still adorable. Unfortunately, the town we went to was having a costume contest at their school the same night as their official trick-or-treating so there weren't very many people at home. But the candy haul was the good stuff. One house even handed out Bon Bons! I haven't ever even seen a Bon Bon. Blogger has become uncooperative, so poor Nate's picture will have to wait. I got some great pictures of the three boys together holding the swords (well, my boys, the nephew tried to mimic) in the musketeer poses.

I have been knitting, but since it is on the stoles, they just look longer than the last time. Hopefully, I will have one finished before to much longer. I have been itching to work on something else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is an awesome costume--Wow!

6:44 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Good swimming, dude!
What a cute costume. Blogger is not nice, but I bet Nate looks just as good!!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Le Yarn Fairy said...

That's a GREAT costume! I'm so impressed with your sister's talent. And congrats to your son on his times--Way to go!

7:47 PM  

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