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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Well, we went to the pumking patch that was an hour away. Although I am assured that next year we will go to the one over by us. Regardless, it was a great day. Except, we froze our asses off. I was wearing three tops, a wool coat and hat and gloves and was still frozen. They had all the typical things, mazes, wood cut-outs for pictures. They had a sluicing activity, but it was to cold to do. You could feed goats and jump out of a mini-hayloft.

There was a great country store with items made from the orchard. Fresh pies, apples, pumpkins were everywhere. I had some delicious hot chocolate. Ben wanted some fresh made donuts for later, I got a caramel apple. The MIL and I split a bag of Honey Crisp apples. They were so good. She bought a cherry pie to eat at supper that night. It was delicious, although at $10 a touch expensive for my liking.

Nate and Katelynn tried to go on the blow-up slide. They couldn't climb the "ladder" because it was so slick and they kept knocking each other down. Then Katelynn's dad went on the slide to help them up. They kept knocking him down. At one point, Nate had slid between his feet and John had put his knees together to keep Nate and Katelynn from falling down. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I did not however, take off my shoes to help him. It was way to cold for me. Then when they were sliding, Katelynn and Nate ran into each other a giggled the whole way down.

I got some great pictures of my neices, my boys and various adults with us. I even remembered to have MIL take a picture of the four of us.

Tomorrow, a Dulaan update.


Blogger AR said...

What an awesome time you guys must have had! It looks like fun.

8:39 PM  

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