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Friday, February 16, 2007

FO, That's right I finished something

I finally seamed up the nephew's sweater last night. It took about 3/4 of a skein of Cascade Ecological Wool. Which just stinks before you wash it. It smells like the oil used on the machines. However, it does knit up nicely.

Of course, when I finished it I thought it looked huge. Surely my nephew can't be that big. But then I held it up to Nate (who granted is big for his age -- he is 4 and wears size 6 mainly for the length. darn skinny kids). It would be to small for him so it should be perfect for the nephew. I should be able to get a picture of him in it this weekend when we have everyone over for his birthday. Unfortunately, Shane is sick and he was going to clean today so sometime during the weekend I am going to have to try and straighten up enough to not be totally humiliated by having people in my house. Ordinally on a weekend this would not be an issue, not because I keep the house neat but because I would have Saturday to clean it. But his weekend is Ben's finaly swim meet before the divisional meet. This requires us to be gone Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. I am hoping to make some real progress Saturday so that I don't make myself crazy on Sunday. Which totally reminds me that I need to request card tables and chairs from some family.

I have continued my work on Shane's sweater which he teases me about constantly. How he won't have any handknits from me until he is 80. I will really have to buckle down and finish it. I switched it from the Denise needles to the addi naturas and have found it much easier to work with. On the whole, I just don't care for the Denise or any plastic or metal needles. I may have to find a new home for them since I never use them anymore.

Today I took a great step in making my life more peaceful. I separated my checking from my husband's. I have never thought separate finances were a good plan for married people but Shane has a terrible habit of not telling me when he spends money (usually for bills). So I don't have the transaction written down thus leading to balance issues. We had discussed in December separating the accounts and bills and I finally was fed up enough to do it. So I am financially my own person again. Now I just have to give him a list of all the bills he will pay and I won't have to mess with his spending habits (and he won't have to mess with mine. I have my own spending issues). Hopefully this will end our money discussions (we rarely argue so these are annoying and not arguments per se, but issues we have been dealing with).

Wish Ben good luck in his meet! He has one more divisional time to get or he owes me money. (I replaced his gameboy -- not counting the Christmas money he gave me for it -- with the understanding that it would be his present for a divisional or he would owe me money for the remainder). He is also doing two races tonight he doesn't normally get to race the 200 free and the 200 IM (all four strokes). He loves the IM but doesn't like doing the freestyle so isn't looking forward to it. It is the one free style race he can beat the other boys at so I think it is good for him. I am anxious to see what events he is swimming Saturday and Sunday. They are only allowed three events a day so one of the offered events he will sit out. I haven't been able to ask if they are going for divisional times or if they are going for points. If they go for points, Ben will swim events he already has divisional times in.

We have more snow on the way tonight. I don't mind the snow, but the cold could stop. Seriously -4 (F) on my way to work this morning without the wind chill. There should be some kind of law against having to work when it is that cold. Of course, if I wasn't so stubborn I would have had an extra day off this week. Nobody else in our town went to work, why did I? (or for that matter everyone in our office showed up, we must all be crazy). I am hoping for just a dusting so that the kids can play outside on Sunday while Cameron is down. We still have enough ice that sledding could be very fun (and grandparents crazy enough to go with them).


Blogger Nathalie said...

Good luck Ben! Great jumper/ sweater Mindy!

5:15 PM  
Blogger ableknife said...

Just a book suggestion that I thought of while reading your post. It's called Women, Get Answers About Your Money by Carolyn Castleberry. Might be a good read considering your new financial situation.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Good luck, Ben!

Cute nephew sweater, Mindy.

6:04 PM  

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