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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still Here

I am still here! I took Monday off to recuperate from the weekend. Nate and I had a great time. The birthday party was fun. Except for Nate peeing his pants and having to wear a diaper while I ran to buy him some new ones. He cried the whole time I was gone. I made him leave the bathroom with the diaper on, very humiliating when you are 4. I'm not so sure it wouldn't be a good thing for him to be reminded of that a little. After the party we went to The Fold. Liz got some great fleece including some 100% silk. I got a couple pairs of needles and a book.

The nephew has connected my name with who I am. He would chant my name and grin at me. It was amusing. He gave me lots of snuggles and giggles. I can't wait to see him again this weekend.

On Saturday night, we hung out and played Imaginiff. It was great fun with all these crazy questions like If you were a light, what kind would you be. Then everyone has to pick the answer they thinks best suits you.

Sunday we went shopping and then Nate and I headed home. The nephew was so sad that we were leaving. Nate on the other hand was ready to be home. Monday, I had a blissful day filled with nothing. I napped and watched tv. I knitted a little. I am on the home stretch on the silk scarf.

Yesterday, I headed into work for my first day back only to find out there was a gas leak in our office over the weekend and to have the sleet and snow interrupt the day. They sent us home early. The drive home wasn't bad. They closed all the county roads last night and this morning they were still closed, but I came to work anyways. The drive in was fine once I got to the interstate, but the in town road were pretty awful. I even got stuck once (I got unstuck without getting out of the car, otherwise I wouldn't have proceeded to work. I am stubborn but not completely stupid). I was the first one to the office and I was forty minutes late. I have gotten tons of work done. I think mainly because everything is closed. The banks, the courthouse, all county offices. Luckily, we got a lighter part of the storm. Only six inches on top of a couple inches of sleet. (Yes, that is light. North off us by about 30 miles it was over a foot of snow on top of sleet). Personally, I love the snow. I think I would have rather had the foot. Then I could have stayed home guilt free today. Instead, I guilted myself to coming to work.

Ben hasn't had school for the past couple of days and depending on the road conditions in the country, tomorrow may be questionable. His school district doesn't cancel unless it is really bad, so I am hoping that they go back.


Anonymous Rebekah said...

We only got about 3.5 inches, I can only imagine how this area would shut down if we got more then 6. They were insane with what we got.

I went home early but made it to work okay today. I don't mind driving in the snow because I grew up in NE Iowa, but people around St. Louis drive like idiots.

2:36 PM  

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