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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Okay, I feel better now. Even a virtual scream helps sometimes. I had recovered from my bad mood almost entirely yesterday, then my mom calls. My dad was in the hospital for chest pain. Of course, mom didn't call until he was out and then cuts the conversation short because she had told me he was okay -- no details mind you-- and my brother was on the other line. That's it. That was all I knew.

Now this might not be cause for real concern except for three issues 1. My grandfather and three of his brothers all died of heart attacks before age 50 (one before 40) 2. My dad NEVER goes to the doctor or hospital. He waited two weeks after he smashed his finger to a pulp to get it x-rayed, and he was at the doctor the day of to get stitches in it! So for him to voluntarily go is bad. 3. The last huge case we had was for a heart attack that was misdiagnosed so I am prone to freaking out entirely about this.

So I got to work today a little out of sorts. In fact so out of sorts that the other attorney (2nd bossman) actually noticed I wasn't my chipper self. (I am entirely too bubbly most of the time at work, especially in the morning. I can't help it, I am naturally friendly and happy.) So I had to fess up to the issue. Anyways, I finally gave in and called my Dad at lunch. He is fine. (or so he says) No chest pain or any other problems to report. He claims he didn't let Mom call because we would have come to see him in the hospital and there was no reason to panic (although I disagree with this line of thinking entirely. What I am supposed to wait until he is dying?) Little did he know we couldn't have gone to visit him that night anyways.

Then he tops all that off by informing me that he is planning on ripping floors and walls out of their house this weekend. Good plan right after chest pain (not to mention the rotator cuff surgery)! So we are going over to their house this weekend to "help".

So I spent the evening last night watching American Idol and knitting. Is it me or do all the guys this season suck? I haven't watched any season since the second so I was unprepared for how bad they were and I really only watched because it was british invasion week and I needed mindless tv.
I did manage to get pictures of the scarf. Though not in the good and pretty sunlight. I definately need to get my husband's help with some pictures.
I like the second one, it really shows how shiny the yarn is and it really is as soft as it looks.
Oh yeah, Nate passed his preschool screening with flying colors. Apparently he didn't know what a mailbox is called. He called it a mail thingy, obviously he has picked up his mothers ability to remember the names of things. They told us it was pretty likely he would be able to go next year as they base it on age and need first. Need, maybe not; but by age he should be shoe-in since he will be five in September.


Blogger RC said...

so sorry to hear about your dad... that just makes things so crazy and unsettling..... at least all is good now!
you are right, the guys really stink on AI this year, sespecially when compaired to the 3-4 girls who can REALLY sing.
The scarf really looks great! keep up the good work.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry about your dad! I hope everything goes OK with that...though I have my experience with stubborn parents. *sigh*

The scarf is looking so nice!

And A.I., ugh! They passed a bunch of people on "cuteness" while rejecting some good singers & it really shows.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Sorry about your Dad :o( I hope that it turns out to be nothing serious.

Great scarf! :o)

1:43 PM  

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