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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My mom time was wonderful on Friday. I ate dilly bars for supper (I rarely do this because I get hungry to quick, but I wasn't really hungry for supper so I chose to be a little bad). Then I read and watched some tv. Shane had shampooed the carpets, so there wasn't a whole lot of choices in what I could do. I couldn't get to the stash but I still haven't been knitting much. Saturday, Shane finished the carpets and I mostly stayed out of his way, not so easy to do in a cracker jacks box house. My brother and his fiance flaked on us as we figured they would so we went with Plan B celebrating our anniversary with dinner at the fancy Italian/French place. Shane hadn't ever eaten there but I had for work. We had risotto. Shane had steak au poivre and I had tilapia with a crab sauce. It was so delicious. Then Shane finished with bananas foster. We were going to go to the movies, but we had gotten such a later start and of course in a restaurant like we went to time moves very slowly so we bailed. We stopped at the book store (again) and went home.

Then we watched The Prestige. I was sadly disappointed in this movie. I wanted to enjoy it because I love Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman but I just couldn't. When it was over I was just irritated.

Sunday we went to my Aunt's to get the boys and have some lunch. I ended up playing pinocchle (in my family if they need you to play, you play). It went pretty well and my team won, which rarely happens. Then we took Nate to his first swim practice. He was so funny. The coach used him to demonstrate with while at the side of the pool. Everytime they moved to the next task Nate was always the last in line since he never pays attention to what he is told. But he was so polite and always raised his hand to ask permission to get back in the water (they only allow one per coach in the water at a time at this age group. to many of them can't swim).
He didn't want to get out when practice was over.

Ben was so ancy to be able to swim that he chose to swim wearing his regular swim trunks, no earplugs and pink goggles he borrowed from the coach. Apparently 1 1/2 weeks is his limit without being in the water. The coach had Ben demonstrate the proper technique for the kickboard to the little ones. He was so proud.

Yesterday, my copy of the new Yarn Harlot book came to my house. I had completely forgotten that I ordered it. I haven't started it yet since I was in the middle of another book.

I did start a hatfor the movie on Saturday night. It is Lamb's Pride Bulky in a bright orange color. I think I am allergic to the mothproofing. Anybody know if this would be aided with washing the yarn? The last yarn that I was allergic to wasn't helped by washing it which made me really sad since the scarf was for me.


Blogger Kadiddly said...

Glad you had a nice weekend! I think you're the first person who has mentioned not liking The Prestige. Anything specific you didn't like?

And someone else knows how to play pinochle! It's a mandatory game in our family, as well. We play double-deck, usually four-, five-, or six-handed. No one out here knows the game, it's so sad.

3:41 PM  
Blogger RC said...

it she lamb's pride bothering your hands or your nose? I don't think the mothproofing washes out (since it needs to be mothpoof), but if its the smell, then washing would definately help
good luck!
(I have NO idea how to play pinochle!)

8:22 AM  

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