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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Where did Monday go? Thanks to two big deadlines and a procrastinating bossman, Monday disappeared before I really even knew it began. Luckily, I knew he was putting off what had to be done so I was prepared for a little overtime and a very busy day. With the weather so nice, my evening was almost entirely spent outside with the boys.

Saturday, Nate and I played. We jumped on the trampoline, played frisbee and all kinds of ball and went for a bike ride. Then Ben and Shane got home from swim team. We played some more. Shane's friend James came over that night. I escaped to my room and knitted while they did guy talk. Sunday they got up early and took Ben fishing at my grandparents. Nate was so upset that they went fishing and he didn't get to go. So, I loaded him up and we went fishing. We only managed to catch one fish (didn't get a whole lot of bites either) even though we fished for over three hours. Ben of course caught the most fish, I have never seen anyone as lucky as him. Once when he was a toddler, he put the hook in with no bait and still caught a fish in less than a minute. Anyways, I was hungry so I bribed Nate with food to get him to leave (it works so much easier if he thinks it is his idea) and we went back to the house while the rest of the boys fished more. Then more playing outside.

Once the boys got back, Shane loaded Nate up for swim team and left Ben and I at the house. Ben wanted to go on a bike ride, so I agreed. Mistake two of the day. (The first being a lack of sunscreen, I get bad rashes from the sun, so my legs are big rashy messes). My bike still had flat tires so this was my second ride on Ben's bike. My ass is bruised like you couldn't believe. It hurts to sit on my nice comfy office chair. Plus with the fibro, I have barely been able to walk. It is hard to play outside with your kids when you don't want to move because it hurts. (Okay that is all with the whiny). Yesterday, Ben and I went on a bike ride (he loves to ride his bike and we don't allow him to cross the highway without us, that and he doesn't really get to ride that many days with his swim schedule) but Shane had aired back up my bike tires. Much better. I love my granny bike.

I nearly finished my scarf while watching Heroes last night. How can there possibly only be three episodes left? I feel a little shortchanged on that but anyways. The scarf is the multidirectional noro scarf. I gotta say that the Noro is endlessly fascinating for me. I was a little concerned because it feels mighty scratchy to me but I don't have a whole lot of issues with it and I love watching the colors change. This scarf will likely go into my gift stash which became surprisingly empty after Christmas last year.

The dinosaurs are from a pattern on the X-treme knitting website. The patterns look pretty easy, if I ever start them. I decided this would be my break from the clapotis which I haven't touched in 5 days. Tonight I may have to start back on it. I also plan to block Nate's scarf and the silk scarf if it rains. If it doesn't, well I will probably be outside getting even redder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peekaboo.....from your secret sock pal ;)

7:30 PM  
Blogger Mrs. H said...

All that activity! You're making me tired! LOL

Seriously... I love hearing about parents who spend a lot of time with their kids. I know plenty of kids who don't get the time or attention they need. :)

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Ouch! Sunburn and your biker's butt. But it did sound like fun.

Multidirectional Noro scarf? Pictures! I just picked up 4 skeins of Noro and I'm not sure what pattern to use.

You might ask Phyl at about the orange Lambs Pride yarn - it sounds like a Hokie Color for the Virginia Tech blanket maybe.

1:10 PM  

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