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Monday, July 10, 2006

Return of Nate

Last night my parents met us to deliver Nate back from his Aunt's house (close to Chicago). It had been so quiet in our house without the little one. He certainly made up for it on the ride home. The moon was full and huge and Nate talked about the moon was a monster (which are not scary), it had arms, it was following us to our house... and on... and on. On the whole everyone was happy to have him home, nonstop chatter and all.

Ben's swim meet went very well. He won his butterfly event (his best stroke) and came in second on all his other individual strokes. I haven't had a chance yet to compare his times and see if he has improved or not. Here he is in the backstroke. He is in the red swim cap.

I just like the other photo.

This was Nate at Ben's birthday. He thought the mask was cute and fun until he put it on.

Nate swims with a floaty on in our pool. He is learning to swim under water like his brother and now attempts to do freestyle with his arms the proper way. But his favorite thing is to jump into the water.

In knitting news. I finally have pictures of the bath mat. My favorite one has Remus, our rat terrier, in it. His eyes look freaky blue, but they are really brown.

I also have a progress pic of Milinda.
I really like this yarn. I am using my favorite Crystal Palace Bamboo needles. I tend to favor wood needles. I will use plastic and have a Denise set but I don't like metal at all. Not even Addi's. I know it seems a little weird to those who love the metal needles, but that is the way I am.

I finished a dishcloth this weekend at the swim meet and worked on Christina's stole for her wedding. I think I will definately need to update my WIPs list.


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