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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bridal Shower Fun

This Saturday was the bridal shower. I had left my camera at work so I borrowed my parents. They have an old digital that takes floppy discs. It is huge. Apparently I didn't charge it correctly, so it ran low about half-way through the party. Luckily I managed to get pictures til the end. However, I don't have any pictures because after copying them to the bride's computer I managed to corrupt the discs. It was a great afternoon. I found out one of the bridesmaids is pregnant with her 2nd child. We were worried about this when we picked out the dresses. She didn't think she would be pregnant for a while, but she found out two days later that she was pregnant. The games went pretty well. We played how well do you know the bride, a word scramble, and just a drawing.

Yesterday, was the Swim Team Banquet. It was a nice time. Ben and Nate got to see their friends. The coach spoke. The guest speaker was th IU swim coach who used to swim for our swim team. Ben seemed fairly impressed. Nate was uninterested and proceeded to sing to himself.

The boys had a good time at the grandparents house. They fired off Ben's rockets, cleaned up leaves, and picked pears and apples. They were both exhausted. I had finished Nate's hat on Friday (I will get pictures tonight). He wore it until bed time.

Shane and I went shopping Saturday night. He got the ugliest retro eighties tennis shoes.


Blogger AR said...

I love it when my kids are tired from some good fun stuff like apple picking. As long as they fall asleep before the crankiness sets in.
Sounds like you all had a nice weekend!

9:10 AM  

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