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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Back

Well, now that work has settled down (again) life has resumed a bit of normalcy. On Friday, I received my Sock Wars socks. They match those pajamas perfectly. They are fabulous. They fit perfect. Wool and Soy Silk. So warm and soft. I wore them all night.

Shane had graciously offered to take the kids to a movie so I had the whole house to myself. So I watched the season premiere of Dr. Who. It was really good. I tried to watch it last season, but I jumped in in the middle of the season and couldn't grasp what was going on (not that I tried for a long time). So I am pretty excited about this.

Saturday, Christina and I went bridal shoe shopping. We were both sure it was going to be horrible and it turned out okay. She found a pair of sandals that worked for her (and would keep everyone off her back. She wanted to wear tennis shoes, which I was okay with as long as they matched the dress but no one else was okay with it. It's her wedding, if she wanted to get married in a gunnysack barefoot, I would be okay with it. She's even paying for everything which I think gives her a double right to tell everyone to piss off.) I found some I liked and ordered them, but they were sold out in all the stores. So I am still on the hunt. I may end up in shoes to high and just take them off for the pictures. My patience only goes so far.

We ended the shopping with a trip to Borders. I love Borders and there isn't one close to where I live. I got books for everyone in the family. The trip was pretty good.

Sunday, Shane took the boys fishing and then to his parents for his birthday dinner. (I had to work) Ben has turned into a good fisherman, but Nate still has to do some growing. His patience level isn't there yet. They brought the fish home for our neighbor who has been to sick to fish this year and was really missing the eating part of fishing. Since we always throw back what we catch, this worked well for us both.
Monday night I worked late and barely got off work in time to watch Nate while Ben was at swim team. Yesterday, was the mediation and I was in a foul mood after it was over. So after swim team, I put the boys to bed and holed up in the bedroom pissed because House wasn't on. I read a book until Shane got home and then told him I was cranky so he shut me in the bedroom.

Today, has been busy but good. I am still cranky, but everyone here is in a bitchy mood so we all gripe together. It works out pretty damn fine.


Blogger Carole said...

Everyone deserves the right to be cranky sometimes.

2:02 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Nice socks you got. I love to hole up in my room when I'm in a bad mood. Put your new socks on, hopefully you'll feel a little better.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

New handknit socks do help with a bad mood...I hope you're cheered up now ;o)

10:57 AM  

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