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Friday, October 06, 2006

Completely brain dead, or my head has gone missing

I have lost everything I have touched this morning. I swear that my head feels like it is gone. No thinking can occur, no work is taking place. I might as well be at home doing nothing. Luckily, the bossman has gone home and won't be back until Tuesday so it doesn't matter to much if I am somewhat unproductive.

I started a new sleep medicine yesterday after visiting the rheumatologist. I am hopeful it will help with the insomnia without the headaches I got from the previous medicine. I had the starts of a migraine last night, so didn't get much done. I napped next to Nate while he watched Cinderella, then I watched Supernatural. The new season has been okay. I am hoping they can bring back some of the unpredictability of the first season. I hate it when I can figure out the ending to early. I haven't watched this much tv in a good number of years, it is always troublesome to me to try and catch the shows so I will probably quit watching some and catch them on DVDs.

This weekend I thought we might have some time at home. But that was wishful thinking. We will be celebrating Shane's great-grandmother's birthday (I don't know how old she will be, but then again neither does she. Somewhere around 100). It will be nice but I always feel bad because it makes her uncomfortable to be around me. She thinks Shane is his dad and my boys are Shane and his brother, but she knows I am not my MIL and can't figure out who I am so she won't look at me and gets agitated. I have just mostly stayed out of her sight when we visit. But my boys like to see her (they absolutely love old people, I think its because they have grown up around so many) and of course Shane likes to visit her. Then on Sunday we have a family reunion (only the third this year). I used to wish for a weekend free of activity, now I would be happy with a day.

I figure I will end todays post with pictures of some of favorite things, my boys. The first is Nate with a price-sticker on his forehead (he loves for me to take pictures of him). The second is Nate with his Superman fishing pole and his brother trying to bunny ear him in the photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad it must be for her to be so confused. But how nice that the boys love to be around her; that must make her feel good.

Oh, and just how much does a "Nate" go for these days?

4:47 PM  
Blogger AR said...

100, (or so), wow, and Happy Birthday to her! Nate's a doll.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Cute pictures :o)

Happy 100ish Birthday to Shane's Great Grandma :o)

11:01 AM  

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