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Friday, November 10, 2006

Childless, Again

Yesterday, I received an email requesting that my boys stay overnight with their aunt. Tomorrow they will be staying with their grandma. I have had numerous people laugh when I told them that if I wanted to keep Ben on a weekend I had to tell people (family) that they couldn't have him. It now appears that we are working our way back to that same situation. Not that I am completely complaining about this, it is great to have a big family that wants to spend time with the boys, but sometimes I want to have them. Anyways, Ben doesn't get to go tonight because he has missed to many practices already this week but he does get to go to grandma's tomorrow. Then on Sunday it will be shopping with the MIL.

I bought half the materials to make the blocking board for the stoles. I will have Shane pick up the rest tomorrow. Which should be about right because I have 22 rows left on my stole. I am completely excited about having it done. The bride's stole is growing at a steady pace and I am hoping to finish it by next week sometime.

Parent Teacher conferences went as expected. Ben's teacher coached the youngest group of swimmers over the summer, so he knew her before school started. I had forgotten that she was a coach, but remembered as soon as I saw her. Ben is doing great (as expected) in all areas. We got the normal he's a joy to have in class. Someday he is going to pay me back for all of this good behavior. The scholastic book fair was going on so I picked up some books for Nate. Ben is on a book hold from the last set of purchases. He reads great from the library but for some reason not the books we have at home. It is crazy.

Thanks for all the well wishes job-wise. I am just hoping for the best.


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