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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's been awhile

This weekend got away from me. Thanksgiving was pretty good. We spent the day at the in-laws minus Ben. He went to his cousins (my mom's family) for the weekend. Nate got spoiled being with papa and grandma by himself on Friday while mommy shopped and daddy worked. He loves going to papa's because papa has no rules which is what papas are for. I got some great deals shopping and more on that later as I am running out of time.

Ben came home with a huge knot in his neck muscle. He couldn't move his head without crying and for my boy that says a lot. He doesn't complain much and for him to cry over something means it really hurts. So I took the day off yesterday to take him to the doctor. They gave us stretches to do. It has helped, but it still hurts to hold his head up. I am sure he spent a goodly portion of today in the nurse's office.

Wedding, 5 days and counting. I must block the wraps.


Blogger AR said...

Do you know what the knot is from? I got bit by a spider on my neck once, and something like that happened. Painful with a hard swollen knot.

Hope he's better really soon!!

1:04 PM  

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