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Friday, November 17, 2006

Weekend Fun

Thus ends another week. The bosses are having issues deciding what to do (and who to do without) so no decision was made. My bosses thoughtfully informed me of this without my having to be asked and even though I may lose my job I can somewhat console myself with the thought that it is all about the financial aspect (that and the fact that I am way low man on the list).

Anyways, on to happier thoughts. The fabulous bachelorette party is tomorrow. It should be lots of fun. Then I will be taking my mom to meet with the boys and my dad for the second day of Ben's swim meet. It's in Greenwood. Last year when we went to this meet, I drug Ben all over Greenwood looking for a yarn store listed in the phonebook. We finally found it and I got to purchase some Mission Falls 1824 (wool) and some Fleece Artist. I was looking forward to going back to this store until the Bride and I went shopping for shoes in Greenwood and the store was gone. Very sad.


Blogger AR said...

Too bad the store is gone. Have fun partying!

10:08 AM  

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