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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It is definite -- I am keeping my job. According to the boss man it was a no-brainer that they were keeping me. So all my worry was for nothing. I am definitly sad for the other two secretaries who will be leaving. The boss man was the one delegated to do the "letting go". He was dreading it and after it was done, was miserable for the better part of the day. I felt horrible for him. Today, one of the two leaving called in sick. I told the other secretary leaving that I would have called in. Why not? You have the sick days accumulated and you get a five day weekend. The secretary who was here asked that we not give her any christmas gifts. I had to explain that I had hers already and that I was giving it to her regardless and she was not to feel bad that she didn't have anything for me. Since my plan was in place before the decision was made and her scarf was the first one I had finished. I may just give it to her early as more of a going away present rather than christmas present, so that she doesn't feel obligated to get me something at the christmas party (if we have one). The office will seem so quiet and empty with them gone. We will only have four employees total (including the two boss men) versus the seven+ we have had over the past 2 1/2 years.

Alright, on to happier stuff. I teased with news of a Secret Pal gift that I received Saturday. Even though I got home at 3AM I still opened it right away. It was filled with great stuff.

What you see is a set of black pens for work. Some pampering body care products. Lindt's milk chocolate which I have been saving. And a set of rosewood DPNs (Size 1). I can't wait to use those babies. I have been wanting to try out rosewood needles for awhile. Now I just have to finish some of the gift projects on my list so I can start some socks. Thanks Secret Pal.

This weekend will be busy for our family. We are going to the in-laws tomorrow. We used to trade off Thanksgiving and Easter, but I have Easter at my house now so we always do Thanksgiving at the in-laws. Ben is not joining us. His cousins are up to visit with the grandparents and he is going to spend the day with them. Technically, he will be with my parents, but I doubt they will see him except for dining. Then Friday, Dad is keeping the boys so I can do my annual shopping trip with Beth.

For the past couple of years I have gotten up for the early bird sales, but this year nothing has struck my fancy. Beth and I meet about 8ish and have breakfast. Then we shop at a nice slow pace, have lunch, shop some more and then see a movie. If we don't make it to all the stores, we don't. It is the best time.

Saturday, I will be cleaning house so that Sunday we can have my Dad's family over. I haven't seen my two aunts in forever! As this in unusual for us, I invited them over. The only thing that saddened me about this weekend is that my nephew isn't coming down. My sister usually spends this weekend with her in-laws as they are jewish and don't celebrate christmas but she had teased about possibly coming down this year and I was totally ready to see the nephew. But no I will have to wait until christmas. I think I might kidnap him for the day before christmas eve. An aunt has to do what she must to get that special time alone (not that I will see him except for feeding if he comes to my house, but I might be able to sneak a kiss or hug in).


Blogger AR said...

Glad you're keeping your job! Sorry for the other two, though.

Great package! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

9:27 PM  

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