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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have got to block those stoles tonight! I didn't make it into the store to buy any foam board to block them on, so they will end up on the floor. The question is can I keep my dog from them. I hope so. It won't be so noticable on the Bride's which is mohair but mine, it would be very obvious. I also need to block a couple of the scarves for the girls at work. I need to give one her scarf ahead of the Christmas party which she doesn't intend to attend. She asked us not to give her presents, but I informed her it was tough she was getting it. Luckily, she agreed.

Ben is feeling better and actually swam last night at practice. He couldn't do the freestyle or backstroke, but he used the kickboard and did the breaststroke. I thought he probably practiced for to long, but I couldn't get his attention to get him out of the pool. Needless to say, he was a little stiff this morning. I am hoping he is well enough to be competitive this weekend as it will be just him and papa and I know he will want to do a good job.

In addition to needing to block the stoles, worrying about Ben and preparing for this weekend, I just found out we are supposed to get upwards of 6 inches of snow tomorrow night into Friday morning. I am totally not prepared for this. Could have something to do with the 70 degree temp we are having today and the fact that I haven't worn a jacket in over a week.

In addition to Thanksgiving, I had my annual shopping trip with Beth. She comes home to visit her parents and we make a special day trip each year. We shopped for a while, found some good bargains and when we were tired went to the movies (also part of the day). Usually, we can't pick a movie we both like, but this year Beth wanted to see Casino Royale. Floored me. She doesn't care for Bond movies which I love. I had wanted to see this movie so bad but had written it off for the day. More stunning, we both loved it! Daniel Craig is a superb Bond and the script was good. Then we went back to my parents and they had cooked supper.

Saturday, I got up and talked to my sis. Turns out all the presents I bought for my nephew he already has. She is going to return them for me (I got them at a store I only get to a couple times a year) and she picked up what I am giving him. Then Nate and I headed home to clean house for Sunday. But Shane was in a snit and had already cleaned the house because he thought I wouldn't have time (I got home at noon, how long does he think it would take to clean house?). So I had most of the afternoon to play with Nate. Unfortunately, he was so tired all he wanted to do was watch Scooby-Doo.

Sunday my two aunts and parents came over. We had turkey potpie, veggie soup and my mom made lemon pie. Then Nate had all that attention to himself for three hours. We played every game he had. Nope not a spoiled boy, at all.


Blogger AR said...

Take a few deep breaths. You sound busy! Me, too. Hope the blocking works out for ya!

9:47 PM  

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