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Monday, December 04, 2006


What a busy weekend! I was swamped at work all last week (a soon to be commen occurrence again). I managed to get my dress on Thursday evening along with the Bride's slip. Turns out my dress had been taken in to much! Luckily, they had only taken it in about 1/2 inch and it was easily let back out. Friday started out busy but smooth going until I found out that part of the wedding party wouldn't make it in from Oklahoma. Again, it was easily fixed by having the step-dad stand in for the groomsman who wouldn't make it. I would have never guessed that snow would be an issue the first week of December (other than just to slow down the drive a bit).

Then about five minutes before I left work, the Bride called completely stressed out. I was supposed to spend the night with her but she didn't think I would be able to stay in her room as she still had much packing to do. I couldn't understand most of what she was saying on the phone so I just agreed and decided to sort it out later. The rehearsal went smoothly although the sanctuary of the church was frigid. I wore my wool coat through most of it. At the dinner, I worked it out with Christina about the night. I ended up staying at her house and sleeping on the air mattress (I take sleeping pills and can truly sleep about anywhere if tired). She was still stressing out after the dinner, so Morgan (a friend) and I helped finish up last minute tasks so she could pack.

The morning of the wedding dawned clear, bright and cold. We got up and went out for breakfast to fortify us. After breakfast we were ahead of schedule so we went back to the house to organize all the items we needed to take to the church. Then it was off to get the hair and make-up done. (I will have some pictures as soon as I find my other camera cable). I think I had nearly as many pins in my hair as Christina had in hers and mine was only half up! We were a little late getting down with the hair and makeup, but still had plenty of time to get to the church. We sped off to pick up the groom and then went to get the dresses which we layered on top of the groom in the backseat of the car. Then pictures.

The ceremony went very smoothly with no hitches or mess ups. Except one. I carried kleenex in with me for when Christina started crying (I have yet to be in a wedding party where the Bride didn't cry). But I was to far away to give them to her discreetly. I didn't even think to have the groom holding the kleenex. Luckily she got within reach and signaled me so that I could give her one.

Afterwards, one of the bridesmaids lost her keys. Christina was worried and wanted to stay to help look, but was already stressing about being late for the reception so we sent her on and found the keys. (They were in her bag in a compartment she didn't know was there) My main job all through this has been to keep Christina calm. She tends to stress easily. Apparently, I had one more job. I had to supervise and schedule all of the reception. Christina and John had no idea how they wanted to time everything or how to do it, so they conferred with me. (I have been a bridesmaid numerous times, although I eloped for my own wedding). The reception continued pretty well, until I had to give my speech. I totally blew it by crying and couldn't finish.

Nate spent most of the reception hitting on the bridesmaids. He certainly likes the older ladies.
He showed off his "HIGH-YA" kick and how he dances. Everyone was in love with him by the end of the reception.

Then we made sure everything was gathered to leave and went home.

The stoles were huge successes. I got loads of compliments on both. I was somewhat amused during the pictures. One of John's cousins was knitting a sock. So we had a nice conversation about knitting, yarn stores especially in the Chicago area, and the Stitches conferences. It was nice to see another knitter at such an unexpected place.

Next up Ben's swim meet and weekend with Papa. (His knot is gone. He was able to do all four strokes by Thursday night's practice)


Blogger Carole said...

Sounds like a wonderful time although a lot of work for you. I'm looking forward to some pictures!

9:37 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Yay! That sounds like a wonderful wedding. Yeah, where are the pictures?? LOL

6:39 AM  

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