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Monday, January 15, 2007

Last Christmas Over

Our last Christmas celebration is over for this holiday season. Ben had swim team Saturday morning, so Nate and I stayed home to pack (and do laundry). When Ben got home, we packed the boys up and headed out. Nate was so excited about going to his Aunt's house. We usually only get to her house about once a year, so this was an extra trip. Somehow, I think his excitment had more to do with the toys he gets to play with and the fact that they are supposed to have snow than who he would see, but hey you take what you can get (she still get her snuggles). We took Ben on to the Great-Grandparents.

They have a huge basement where the festivities take place. Last year for Christmas, the boys got a "flying turtle" and another vehicle of a similar nature. These are machines that you sit on and wiggle the steering mechanism back and forth to make them go. (They used to have them at the rollar rink I went to as a kid). This basement is perfect for these. Last year not only were the kids on them the whole time (we had to time them so that all the kids got to ride them) but the adults were to (they hold up to 250 lbs depending on which model you were on). Ben begged to bring these with us again, so we let him. Unfortunately, we don't have anywhere good to make them go so it is the best chance he gets to ride on them.

I had a horrible headache and stiffness and should have stayed home. I think this was from cutting out the soda and all that sugar. (Day 5 and going strong. I am no longer having cravings) I felt like I was ruining Shane's visit with his family. We ended up leaving earlier than usual, although it was 10 PM since I had to drive home.

Sunday we were to meet with my Aunt for a movie and so she could take Ben home. I opted to stay home as I was still feeling stiff and headachy and didn't think sitting at the movies would help at all.

Now we have no kids, at least until tonight when Ben comes home. I think I will be glad, it was mighty quiet in the house this morning.

I have gotten to the middle section on my silk scarf. Pictures of it soon. I have also added about two inches onto Shane's (boring) sweater.

Ben approved the Mountain Colors yarn for his scarf. It is called Mountain Twilight. He was a little disappointed it wasn't softer, but I told him it would get soft after being washed.

Nate's scarf is getting longer. He tells me to make it longer every time he sees it. Right now it is about 2 foot. I am not sure how long he wants it, but I will continue it until I run out of yarn. I have a picture, but Blogger is being cranky.


Blogger AR said...

I remember those ride on thingies, too!
You guys sure made the holidays last. LOL.

Hope you feel better soon.

9:54 PM  

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