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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Silk Scarf

I have progress on the silk scarf. It apparently has no real name. It is scarf with Clarence Border from Weldon's 1886. I am past the Clarence border and onto the simple part of the scarf. It doesn't keep me from being in love with the yarn. I can't hardly work with anything else. I have been forcing myself to do the 10 minute rule on at least two other mindless projects that I have.

We cleaned out half the bedroom last night in preparation of the painting which will start tomorrow. Tonight the easy half. My dresser, tv, DVD and the bedside tables. Its easy because all the little stuff -- books, yarn and knitting stuff -- were moved last night.

Shane isn't doing so well with his no smoking committment. At the Christmas party, he smoked far more than he had for the past week (to many smokers in the family + alcohol = Shane smoking) so we started back through the crankiness yesterday. The worst part of it is he doesn't even know that he is being unreasonable and if you try and tell him he gets defensive.
Ben suffered from it the worst. He got a game called Harvest Moon for his Gamecube. It is similar to Sims. He has played every spare minute (not that this equals a lot but he enjoys it) the past weekend and last night. Last night added up to a fairly significant time investment (he got home from his aunt's early and no swim team or homework). When supper was ready Shane pushed him to eat before he could save so he asked Shane to save it for him, but Shane messed it up and didn't save it. Ben lost his cow and horse and was so upset. Shane apologized and I know he felt bad about it, but his apology came across like he was laughing and Ben was crushed and upset that Daddy didn't listen to his instructions(he tends to be on the sensitive side anyways and he and Shane are always clashing). I sympathized with Ben to a point, but he was making far to much fuss over a video game and I had to threaten to take it away which did stop the dramatics. But on the whole the evening ended rather badly. I will be glad when Shane breaks the habit this time. If he falls off the wagon again (within the week) he may have to stay in the garage until he gets through this phase -- 3 times in 3 weeks is my limit.


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